• It looks like that Boruto will accidentally time travel to Naruto's era and get to know Naruto as a 12 years old?

    Critics say that the storyline is like a time travel story to them. I'm happy it's Naruto's 20th anniversary. And I can tell fanfic story fans are writing about this online already regardless and are happy that this topic finally came true. I hope we really get some Part 1 music and action like how the franchise was back then because us hardcore fans grew up with Naruto.

    What do guys think will happen in Naruto's childhood era? Do you think that Naruto will tell Boruto about his childhood past? Do you think that Boruto will finally have an understanding of Naruto's harsh life as an orphan? Or do you think that Boruto will talk about the Future in front of Naruto?

    Characters I think will appear in the arc besides young Naruto: Neji, Jiraiya, Sakura, Tsunade, Genma, Teuchi, Itachi, Inoichi, Shikaku and that's it.

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