• Hey I wanted to open a place were we can speculate about what Jutsu each Character might develope in the future based on where they are now and who their parents are.

    I hope Shikadai develops a technique in which he combines both his parents techniques. Like a Shadow Possession Twister. For starters Shikadai starts carrying a small version of Temaris fan with him. He then starts weaving hand signs for the shadow possession before he swings his fan, but instead of air his shadows starts twisting on the ground like a 2D Tornado. This results in his oponents shadows to be drag toward his own. This negates the limitation on how far his shadow can stretch.

    For Inojin he would combine his Mind Body Transfer with his Beast Drawings. Possessing his art creatures to scout the area for him. Another benefit is that this negates the restriction of the sprirt only moving in one direction, as he can move wherever he wants while possessing his drawings. And should the ink touch the oponent his mind would go on to his target.

    As for Chocho it took me a bit of thinking, as we dont really know much of Karui prowesses except for her kenjutsu skills. We know Chocho doesnt really like to enlarge herself and would rather use the Butterfly mode, so what if she masters it, and starts using it as her main fighting style. She would flying over the battlefield while carrying a katana and coats her sword with the Butterfly Bullet Bomb except in a slashing kinda way.

    Metal follow his fathers footstep to become a taijutsu master. But we know he can perform ninjutsu, so it would make sense for him to combine Ninjutsu with his Taijutsu to become Konohas very first nintaijutsu user. Inventing jutsu like wind release: leaf hurricane or fire release: asakuyaku for example.

    For Denki I could see him taking his electronics to a new level by using Lightning Release in form of pixels to create augmented reality as his ninjutsu skill and virtuel reality as his genjutsu skill.

    For Namida I can see her taking her screaming skill to learn some singing moves to bewitch her target by manipulating their emotions, like raising the fighting spirit of allies or demotivating enemies, possibly even making them go to sleep or brainwash them to worship her like an Idol.

    Those are some of my hopes, what do you guys hope to see in the future?

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