• Like Minato without Kyubi, Kakashi without DMS or MS, Naruto without Six Paths Mode or Kurama or Sage Mode and Hashirama, Tobirama and Hiruzen as they are. How would all of them fair against each other?? And what is the order in which all of them would get defeated one after the other?

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    • Hashirama hands down. Crazy powerful techniques and ridiculous chakra reserves.

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    • SM is a trained power. Anyone can attempt to train for it. So it's not a given power-up and it shouldn't be consider an unfair advantage.

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    • Okay, if we include SM, then how would it go?

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    • Hashirama Minato Naruto Hiruzen Tobirama Tsunade Kakashi

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    • Without any power ups, Hashirama for sure. Even with power ups included, Hashirama is probably number 2. If we're going by opinion or just from canon information, I think I recall him saying Naruto was stronger than him? But even still... Hashirama would wreck Naruto imo.

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    • We're looking at each of them in their base form. Hashirama has a huge quantity of chakra, regenerates, and has massive strength, and is a mokuton user, along with other forbidden techniques. Minato is OP as f**k, is mister perfect, was good at everything and barely ever broke a sweat. Also, he can teleport. Naruto has a huge quantity of chakra, heals fast, and though his technique repertoire is limited, it is varied nonetheless. Hiruzen was said to be the most powerful Hokage in history, before minato came along. I think that's been retconned, but we gotta give him the benefit of the doubt. Tobirama has a repertoire of forbidden techniques and can teleport. Tsunade is super strong and can regenerate. Kakashi didn't have his Sharingan at the time of his being Hokage, but he did have a repertoire of 2000 techniques. But if he doesn't have the chakra to back it up, then it's kinda pointless...

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    • Vladosaurus wrote: SM is a trained power. Anyone can attempt to train for it. So it's not a given power-up and it shouldn't be consider an unfair advantage.

      Not everyone can train for it. Kakashi for example wouldn't be able to.

      Though I agree that it's not an unfair advantage.

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    • Before it was revealed Hashirama had a healing ability and Sage Mode, Hiruzen was said to be the strongest Hokage in history in his prime. So I say excluding Naruto it goes Hashirama, Hiruzen, Tobirama, Minato, Tsunade, and then Kakashi.

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    • @Flatzone I agree with your list just talking about who is the most naturally powerful Hokage.

      Regarding the OP's other question though, about how they'd fare against each other, that becomes interesting.

      I'd say Tsunade is the only Hokage Kakashi could beat, but it'd be a really hard fight. Her summon would naturally be weak to Kakashi, since slugs are mostly comprised of water which naturally conducts electrcity. And in general, Kakashi fights in a more cunning manner, so I believe he'd take the slight majority over her with his versatility and assassination tactics.

      I can see Hashirama vs Hiruzen going either way tbh. I doubt Hiruzen had Hashirama's power, but Hiruzen is almost certainly far more versatile, with power to back it up. In his prime, I imagine Hiruzen was basically man with the versatility of Kakashi with the chakra quantities and ideals of Naruto. Dangerous combo, even for Hashirama.

      Minato vs Tobirama is also a toss-up for me. Minato obviously has the upper hand with FTG, and he spams it in ways Tobirama never did. But Tobirama is more versatile and has more power, which makes up for that gap imo. And while both are very cunning, Tobirama strikes me as the one who would go further to win by any means necessary. I think Minato would win most sparring matches, but Tobirama would win more battles to the death.

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    • The Hiruzen vs Hashirama fight would be really hard to think out because Hiruzen was trained not just by Tobirama but by Hashirama too, he knows Hashiramas abilities and Hashirama died earlier on Hiruzen's life than Tobirama did so Hashirama doesn't know Hiruzen's prime abilities.. BUT he does know Hiruzen(Or Saru as him and Tobirama affectionately called him) himself and he and Tobirama trained and groomed Hiruzen to be a Hokage so Hashirama will come in expecting Hiruzen to be extremely dangerous.

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    • Hashirama first, followed by tobirama and then Minato.

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    • I’d take Naruto over Tobirama. Naruto vs Minato is debatable. 1. Hashirama 2. Naruto/Minato 4. Tobirama 5. Hiruzen 6.Tsunade 7.Kakashi

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    • @Vlad you think Minato was more powerful than Tobirama? I could see Minato being the stronger combatant maybe, but just raw power?

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    • Hiruzen surpassed Tobirama before he even became a Hokage, in fact when Hiruzen said he was the strongest there nobody including Tobirama argued or said a peep except Danzo's jealous ass, instead Tobirama made Hiruzen Hokage and then he went off to finish what the KinGin Squad started with him. Hiruzen in his prime is most definitely above Tobirama.

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    • Squinty97 wrote: @Vlad you think Minato was more powerful than Tobirama? I could see Minato being the stronger combatant maybe, but just raw power?

      I'd take Minato over Tobirama any day TBH. I've been vocal about this before. You can make an argument that maybe Tobirama would have the upper hand physical wise, being a Senju and all, but i can't see him beating Minato overall. Minato is no push over as well when it comes to physical prowess.

      Yes, Tobirama has his legacy as been an inventor of jutsu, but what would put him above Minato? Shadow clones - Minato can do them as well. FTG - Minato is straight up better, and also perfected/extended the jutsu himself. EDO Tensei - Useless. As far as we know, Tobirama can't bring any strong shinobi up from the dead, otherwise he would've done that throughout his battles. Not to mention that it was Orochimaru the one who perfected the jutsu, again.

      Tobirama is a strong water style user, supposably the best, but he wouldn't catch Minato dead. Minato was teleporting bijuu bombs and dodging Kamui.So there is that. In close combat, Minato has the rasengan, which is a huge help.

      I just can't see Minato losing. They both rely mostly on FTG, at which Minato is simply better and more versatile. I'd take Minato every day.

      Minato vs SM Naruto is a more challenging debate in my opinion.

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    • Naruto - Hashirama - Minato - Tobirama/Hiruzen - Tsunade - Kakashi

      Naruto - hands down the winner. he reacted to, blocked and swapped hands with fused Momoshiki in base form. and even after taking some serious hits he stood up perfectly fine. once he used SPSM he easily overpowered Fused Momoshiki. If anything i would say in base SM Naruto could still give a hell of a fight to fused Momoshiki and win. after all it was his base Rasengan (that he didnt use because the plot required Boruto to be the hero from this point on) that finished fused Momoshiki. and this was after he went through the extraction process which has to have taken a toll on his body. and fused momoshihki is arguably around Juubidara level or above. and in the war we saw that other Hokage were clearly ouclassed by incomplete Juubito. So this should be without a doubt in his favour.

      Hashirama is a no brainer. the man has raw power. SM. and versatality.

      I think Minato ranks third. he can more or less triumph over Tobirama in all departments apart from raw power. but the fact that he managed SM means he has to have a good amount of raw power on his side to. he ranks over Hiruzen because twice in the manga Hiruzen spoke highly of Minato, of how only he could defeat Orochimaru when he was first introduced, and how Hiruzen feared the third coffin of Minato to be resurrected.

      the fourth position is a bit of mix bag.

      on one hand there is Hiruzen's verstality and on other hand comes Tobirama's speed and FTG. this is a good versus with no clear winner for me.

      Tsunade ranks higher simply because Kakashi cannot kill her and she can destroy Kakashi with a simple punch.

      Kakashi is unfortunately the bottom one and understandbly so.


      until they do something foolish and in the future actually end up making Konohamaru Hokage. that would be hilarious.

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    • @Vlad I agree that Minato is generally the better combatant, I was just asking if you thought he had more raw power

      @Nash Kakashi can kill Tsunade. He can shoot Purple Lightning through her heart or brain. And he fights with more cunning. Not saying it'd be simple lol, but there are ways for him to kill her.

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