• just watched it and i rate it 6/10 for now, but what do you Boruto fans thought on the episode ?

    They way younger past Sakura help older Sasuke get back up on his feet by the river shore and utters 'CHA' gives me a cringy vibe..

    and Konahamaru's squad witness Boruto & Naruto combo duo rasangen Urashiki arse... My, oh my, the writers sure have a wild imagination on this one.. Urashiki apparently is not defeat just yet and will reveal his final true form in the next episode and go all out assault on the gang, my question is how this will all play out in the end / what will happen to the future timeline after this arc...

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    • urashiki had interesting powers but was still an absolute moron. next weeks look like alot of fun(that animation change was jarring as hell) and apparently urashiki has EVEN MORE EYES!

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    • It was good, but I have to agree with the poster above me, for someone who’s suppose to be a greater threat than Kaguya was, Urashiki ain’t the brightest tool in the shed.

      Additionally, how did he lose Sasuke? Why bother using his unique Rinnegan tech against jutsu he should easily be able to counter without exposing its limits to your enemies? Why the general lack of urgency in taking Naruto chakra?

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    • the only thing keeping me was nostalgia and it is dying off fast.

      the fights are just meh. the powerscaling is completely off. the fact that a Rasengan from Naruto knocks out Urashiki is like 'WTF'.

      and you know, seeing the Boruto version of Sakura i was slowly starting to forget why those useless Sakura memes were the greatest trend.

      the freaking girl was watching her teammate fighting a death battle and instead of joining in or calling for help she is all but concerned about the older Sasuke (who she thinks is only a street performer) all because of a letter that mentioned Sasuke's name in it. She would let Naruto die if she could even get something on Sasuke.

      and that freaking healing jutsu of hers. The continuity of timeling is completely broken. she only learns to heal a fish, which seems the starting point, 3 months down the line, around the time when Naruto leaves with Jiraiya. and this events which happen right after younger Sasuke defects and somehow she is already healing people. Yeah. this is shit.

      and that 12-13 year old Sakura and 30+ Sasuke romance trying to be forced in... i feel like vomiting.

      at least it looks like the next chapter has some potential of good fight. i think.

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    • 2 more plotholes:

      • Weird how Jiraiya doesn't recognize the Rinnegan on sight
      • while never stated to be a jutsu, the Great Toad Sage has the power to foresee the future, weird Jiraiya didn't even consider that
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    • I’m gonna hold off on calling that first point a plothole until the end of this arc. Something tells me that he’s well aware of it, but isn’t saying anything for reasons.

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    • @Elveonora

      the whole arc is full of plotholes.

      Time Turtle: You are in the past. dont do anything that will alert to people who you are thus changing the future.

      Sasuke: Yeah. Lets do that. make everyone believe we are traveling performers, but act like ninjas out on a mission. oh by the way i am out of chakra. Urashiki took it, like month or so ago. i mean. in that time the genin took Shukaku from Sand to Leaf. Naruto housed Shukaku in his house for a time. he convinced all the tailed beasts to go into hiding. the other four villages gathered the tailed beasts and helped them hide. it has sure been long. But i am still out of CHakra. oh and my taijutsu sucks.

      Boruto: Oh! i'll go straight up interact with my dad and everyone else. Oh, also, I'll only use the Kage Bunshin and Rasengan, two jutsu created by the Hokages and not the different variety of Jutsus i have learnt over the years.

      Jiraiya: Someone with Rinnegan. Nagato. The Prophecy.Who cares. I'll overlook everything and only provide support even when the life of my apprentice and godson is on the line and the Kyubi is at risk to being taken by the enemy. i wont go batshit crazy with SM or not even call for help from fellow ninja and Tsunade when the village just at a walking distance.

      Sakura: SASUKE-KUN! WHERE ARE U SASUKE-KUN!! YOUR LOVE JUST READ UR NAME AND SHE IS LOOKING FOR U! so what if Naruto and the others are fighting.

      Other ninja: there is a fight going on outside the village. lets not check it out.

      Urashiki: I defeat Kage and God level shinobi with ease. it is just that i have a freaking problem with genin. they are low level just like this human like monkeys on the planet. so i am going to be always be defeated by them.


      they arent going to.

      if they do that then they will have to bring his suspicion of Sasuke and boruto and that would freaking break Naruto's timeline.

      they already have. Sakura is healing even though it took her 3 months to master that said jutsu on a fish.

      even if u say they do what was done in that time traveling movie and erase everyone's memories, then they will have to keep Jiraiya's memories intact or it will be pointless. and the fact that Jiraiya would know of Otsutsuki and all that and he does nothing to prepare Naruto for it will make his look like shit.

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    • I don't wanna waste strength to find you with the byakugan

      then moves on to spam a rip off izanagi. The byakugan isn't even chakra taxing lol.

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    • Apparently the Otsutsuki are extremely conserving when it comes to chakra.... they like to get it, not spend it.... they prefer to spend others' chakras.

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    • @Nashekeine Yeah I’m not one to get into power scaling conversations, but yeah considering he’s supposedly a greater threat than Kaguya, according to what Sasuke implies anyway, he’s written very poorly. And to make it worse, they’ve written Sasuke to new levels of low this episode. It was quite cringey.

      As for the timeline, I can’t argue much of what you’re saying. But I also think there’s a larger picture for why this arc even exists in the first place beyond the nostalgia trip and fan service. Especially if what you’re saying is true in regards to keeping Jiraiyas memories in tact, I think that could have a heavy influence on the happenings of what’s going on in the manga regarding a certain someone (I hope I’m wrong on that last part by the way). Was Jiraiya even aware of the Ōtsutsuki at that time? To this point all he knows is that the dudes name is Urashiki, and Jiraiya had to prep Naruto for the Akatsuki, as they were the looming threat.

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    • It's kind of sad that the animators have no grasp of the events and timeline of the series they are in charge of, why not ask about shit before making 50 errors in these episodes???

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    • @Minamoto15

      Yep. the power scaling is just rubbish. it is not even just the anime, even the manga to some extent is does it. the anime just stretches it to extreme to the point that Sasuke memes are now real in all anime communities.

      I freaking hope not for Jiraiya to be Kaishin Koji. No. Hell no. that destroys Jiraiya's character and his monumental death.

      the only timeline problem i have came in this episode alone. the Sakura one, where she uses healing jutsu.

      this is fanservice and nothing more from where i see it.

      Examples 1: Sakura doing medical ninjutsu because the older Sakura is a medicnin. even though she only starts mastering the jutsu on fish at the time when Naruto leaves the village.

      Example 2: Shikamaru and Naruto acting as best buds and Shikamaru telling Naruto to talk to him if he has any problem. It is a direct representation of their older selves. the 12-13 year old Shikamaru only cared about the well being of Choji. He saw Naruto as an annoyance and until the preliminaries of the Chunin Exam viewed him as a complete loser. he probably wouldnt have even gone to Naruto to get him on the Sasuke retrieval mission if not for Tsunade telling him to do so.

      fanfiction writers do more research on character history when they make a fanfic (unless they make the characters OC). and the writers of the series cannot even see through their archives.

      i could careless of how it would destroy Naruto's timeline, because in the end everyone is miraculously going to forget this ever happened. Even that bathhouse guy will forget about Boruto. Naruto will forget all the special training he did under Jiraiya regarding combination jutsu and all that.


      Because the animators or rather writers dont care to research. they just see what is happening and mold the past to it.

      it is making them money so they freaking dont see any problem with it.

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    • never seen sasuke in a pathetic condition even as a genin. if they are intending to change the future timeline may be there might be a role for itachi . but manga manga manga. i dont want jiraya to be kashin koji . noooooooooooooooooooooooo

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    • They're not going to change the timeline. I'm guessing the time turtle will have what basically amounts to a big undo button.

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    • Back in my day, Hagoromo was cool cause he's got the Rinnegan.... now everyone has the Rinnegan.

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    • The pathetic thing is about Urashiki's abilities,aside that he's Otsutsuki (that's mean he's at least in the level of Six-Paths Madara),he gathered the chakra of the finest shinobis (Gaara-Mitsuki-Mirai-Sasuke-Shikadai-Temari), i was really expecting that he will be a huge threat to the entire shinobi world,not only he couldn't defeat two kage in the otsutsuki invasion,but he was put in corner by two genin,according how Naruto's world is working,he would be a huge challenge for the Seventh Hokage himself,and let's say that he turned back to the past,he have zero option to fail with such abilities because no one even in that era can be a real challenge for him,even Pain. His character developement is very disappointing,it's like that he is only playing around,i can't even expect something amazing for next week even if he gets finally serious.

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    • @Abdou Simply being an Otsutsuki is not enough to be at TTJ Madara's level

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    • Otsutsukis are in whole different level compared to humans,they have endless chakra supply,they are the ones who even brought the concept of ninjutsu in the human realm (Kaguya); they have enough power to wipe lands and planets (Momoshiki) or create the world's peace (Hagoromo and Hamura),a Naruto without his Six Paths power and/or an non-Rinnengan wielder Sasuke have no chance against them,if Kaguya was more powerful than both of them,how about someone who is deemed as a threat by Kaguya herself to the point of creating a huge army(White Zetsus).

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    • Your post gave me a headache, guy.

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    • Abdou250 wrote: Otsutsukis are in whole different level compared to humans,they have endless chakra supply,they are the ones who even brought the concept of ninjutsu in the human realm (Kaguya); they have enough power to wipe lands and planets (Momoshiki) or create the world's peace (Hagoromo and Hamura),a Naruto without his Six Paths power and/or an non-Rinnengan wielder Sasuke have no chance against them,if Kaguya was more powerful than both of them,how about someone who is deemed as a threat by Kaguya herself to the point of creating a huge army(White Zetsus).

      They are so many things wrong here

      1. Otsutsuki's don't have an endless supply of chakra. Where did you even get that from? Even Kaguya (the character who arguably has the most amount of chakra in the entire series) was running out of chakra during her fight with Team 7 and had to resort to absorbing chakra from thise trapped in IT

      2. Kaguya didn't introduce the concept of ninjutsu, she was long sealed before it even became a thing. It was Hagoromo who introduced the framework for ninjutsu (Ninshuu) and according to DB4, it was Indra who invented the art.

      3. Momoshiki being able to wipe away planets is pure hyperbole. He never displayed that level of power.......ever

      4. Hagormo and Hamura clearly did not create world's peace. Last time I checked, there were 4 world wars, and an entire warring era before the founding of the villages

      5. Urashiki destroys all of your preconceived notions of Otsutsukis. He proves that simply being an Otsutsuki is not enough to be on TTJ Madara's level

      6. Kaguya's fear has no been fully covered yet

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    • Agreed mostly, Kaguya didn't fear Momoshiki and Kinshiki alone. She feared the entire clan coming after her.. think of this if she was the princess and she was this strong and Isshiki may be as strong as her or end up being stronger that means the King and Queen of the Otsutsuki have yet to be revealed and Isshiki himself may be the Prince and I have a feeling the King and Queen are stronger than Isshiki too. Kaguya feared the entire clan coming after her, not any of them individually, and not Momoshiki.

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    • Kaguya's fears also have their roots in her experiences prior to consuming the chakra fruit (which by all indications seems to have been a particularly powerful one). She never actually had a chance to compare her full power with the rest of the clan. Even at her peak, Urashiki does still pose some threat due to his ability to steal chakra (weakening his opponent) and use stolen techniques. His power could be said to scale to his enemy.

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