• I'm trying to figure out how powerful Konohamaru is, as a Jonin.

    A lot of the time in the Boruto series, the titular character saves the day, and Konohamaru is either defeated before Boruto's irritatingly inevitable victory, or simply sidelined. As opposed to Kakashi, who took on Zabuza and faced Itachi, Kabuto & Orochimaru, Asuma who murdered a buncha Sound Ninja in a matter of seconds, etc...

    So I'm wondering, how does Konohamaru fare against Part 1 Asuma? How about against Kakashi?

    No previous intel on each other, open field, yada yada. I'm just trying to see where Konohamaru ranks.

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    • There's really nothing to scale him with. If he had an on-screen sparring session or fight with Naruto or Kakashi or something then maybe but so far nothing.

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    • @David,

      Kakashi was overpowered for the specific purpose of showing Naruto winning many times.

      Against Zabuza, he got trapped and would have died without Naruto and Sasuke. Then every time after that as soon as he gets serious he beats Zabuza immediately.

      Against Kakuzu. Not saying he should have won, per se, but he should still be above Naruto at this point. Naruto had a stronger ultimate jutsu, but as a ninja, Naruto didn't surpass Kakashi until he reached Sage Mode. So Naruto managing to outmaneauver Kakuzu when Kakashi couldn't is off.

      Anyways as @Flatzone said, there's no real scale between them. They never fought each other, never fought the same people, and never fought similar people

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