• The aftermath of the battle is here..hurray Urashiki finally been defeated :) still cannot believe he lose that quickly and easily SMH.. oh wow my boi Jiraiya sure have some crazy idea to cover up for Sasuke and Boruto..but somehow even after Sasuke had their memory erased by his sharingan, i feel like Jiraiya knew what's up and has taken precaution and plan to avoid his inevitable fate.

    So glad they're now back to the future again, and Sasuke has told the Lord Seventh what has happened, it must have been a weird interaction for a father and son from now onwards... but it turns out ok in the end. Next episode gonna be something about a young samurai girl, i'm guessing she is related to Mifune? granddaughter it seems

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    • The episode was sweet and I knew Sasuke would erase everyone's memory.

      I'm happy that Boruto understands Naruto more now, and is also starting to like ramen than eating hamburgers all the time.

      I'm happy that Boruto finally met Neji and got a chance to speak to him.

      I like how Naruto still visits Jiraiya's grave and how Sasuke finally saw that everyone in the past was suffering without him.

      It's makes me wonder how Naruto will interact with Hiashi now that I think about it, the next episode after the samurai one is Hiashi's birthday.

      Maybe Naruto will finally learn more about Hizashi and the Hyuga clan as a whole.

      I saw the preview for Boruto episode 137, does that mean that Sumire is officially going to be replaced by a female samurai who hates the new era of ninja that don't train too hard?

      This new Tsubaki character reminds me of Ryogi but without being brainwashed.

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