• Suppose Konoha manages to find Sasuke before Tobi and rescue him, would Sasuke be treated as a hero of Hidden Leaf village for essentially killing Orochimaru ( An S-rank criminal who almost destroyed the village, killed the Third Hokage, Fourth Kazekage and did many other crimes ), killing Deidara ( A member of Akatsuki, responsible for almost killing Gaara, the Kazekage ) and killing Itachi ( The man who killed the entire Uchiha Clan, responsible for the death of Four Tail's Jinchuriki alongside Kisame )?

    Also, how would the story progress from this point? Would Sasuke stay in the village? Would Team Hebi interfere? How would the whole Pain-arc go?

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    • My guess is that Tobi would've tried to recruit Sasuke anyway, even if he'd returned to the village since he deemed Sasuke a valuable pawn and an exchange for the loss of so many Akatsuki members.

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    • Nothing would change in the story even if he did return to the village after killing Itachi. He was still dangerously unstable emotionally and would be just as easy to manipulate for Tobi. He would awaken the Mangekyo and go on a rampage trying to butcher the elders. More members of the Konoha 11 would probably die trying to stop him. Jiraiya would still die and Pain's assault on the village would still happen. Sasuke returning back to the village at this point wouldn't really change the plot.

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    • Everything would have changed. After learning about the Mangekyo blindness, sasuke would probably take itachi's eyes. Thus activating the kotoamatsukami (crow with Shisui's eye) on sasuke. This would mean, itachi would not break the edo tensei. Maybe Nagato and Itachi could have killed Naruto and Bee. And that would have been the end card for the show.

      PS: The amaterasu might have killed Kakashi(Since it was set to activate against Obito's Sharingan).

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    • Itachi set Amaterasu to only activate on Obito's Sharingan. Because if Itachi's plan went correctly and Sasuke did go back to Konoha, Sasuke would accidentally set Kakashi on fire when he happened to see his Sharingan

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