• Thoughts and discussion on the episode?

    Inojin getting stronger or nah?

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    • Inojin is a real let-down. In the beginning it was exciting to have him in the new Ino-Shika-Cho as a real improvement over his mother, with some physical attacks (the scroll jutsus), but in the end this trio is basically all about Shikadai with some help from Chocho.

      I thought that he overcame all his fears and worries with the help of Himawari, but he didn't change a bit...

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    • haha yeah , the big reason i still bear to watch it, is because of adult mom/dad Ino and Sai together.. no major things develop yet and next episode gonna about be the prison from the shippuden movie 5 Blood Prison as i recall ? i could be wrong lol

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    • So...

      that Himawari paintaing chapter... what was that about again? wasnt it something about Inojin messing up Ino-Shika-Cho teamwork and and what not? it was the Choju Giga back then and now it is Shintenshin.

      Same old formula. Copy and paste.

      the characters seem to learn a lesson in old episode and for new material they forget the lesson and are made to do the whole shit again.

      it was boring.

      Inojin didnt even improve apart from that last little vignette. like Ino literally gave up because her kid was worried because his parents were fighting. this was nowehre near the forceful control the Shintenshin should give you over others body.

      and the fight in the begining. Ouch. Like, Shikadai predicted where that burglur/thug/rogueninja (whatever the hell he was) would run in the direction. how? it was not like they were actually making the said dude run in said direction by blocking his path or making obstructions for him. no. Shikadai just assumed. Yeah. just more Shikamaru/Shikadai brain wanking.

      and that dude had a kunai pressed to the neck of the woman. had his eyes on the kids. could see them weaving hand seals. could probably even hear them talk. could probably even see the shadow approching. Yet he was taken in.

      it is pure shit.

      and for the record i am no fan of most of the pairings of the older gen and this episode just makes me more certain i would never like them. i mean the spouse of older gen Ino-Shika-Cho are so not supportive of the trio passing on their jutsu to the new gen. we see it many times with Karui and even with Sai. it was so clear in this episode.

      oh. and the moon being covered and no shadow on the ground always, always, takes me back to OG Naruto where Shikamaru executed his brilliant plan to defeat Temari. IT SHOULD NOT HAVE WORKED.

      it is now very clear that most new gen Genin besides Team 7 and Shikadai are basically useless filler characters. and even Shikadai is important because he is basically a Shikamaru clone and to a majority of fandom Shikamaru cannot do anything wrong.

      overall boring and at certain point downright unbearable episode.

      i atleast hope the new arc, which seems like it will be real canon, taking in the Mujina Bandit arc and expanding on it will have proper character writing for once.

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    • Better than the last episode, but that’s not saying a whole lot. Looking forward to the Mujina Bandits arc. It’s long overdue.

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    • That episode title sounds like a spoof video (Before anyone says anything, I know the title is real. It just sounds more like the title of a parody you'd see on YouTube than an actual episode title) (Edit- It also sounds like a pop-punk album title).

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