• Round 1: Sick Kimimaro vs End-of-Naruto Sasuke

    Round 2: Healthy Kimimaro vs End-of-Naruto Sasuke (CM2)

    Round 3: Healthy Kimimaro vs Hebi Sasuke

    Kimimaro knows Sasuke has the Sharingan and that he uses Chidori. Sasuke knows about Kimimaro's Shikotsumyaku but his knowledge of it is vague aside from Kimi being able to use bones as weapons.

    Fight takes place in Altar of Orochi, both in-character.

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    • Kimimaro took on Gaara, Lee and Naruto and only lost due to his disease getting him. Even while Sick he is in a different league than CM2 Sasuke.

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    • What about Hebi Sasuke though?

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    • Wait. End of like, the first series? So not Shippuden right?

      If we're just talking Part 1 then Kimimaro decks him just fine.

      Even Hebi Sasuke would have trouble but that's more of an even fight I think. And that's just comparing to sick Kimimaro since idk what he'd be like healthy lol

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    • I think the closest we got to a healthy Kimimaro was Edo Kimimaro, but I'm not quite sure. It's just crazy how much potential Kimimaro had.

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    • Edo Kimimaro didn't even use his Curse Mark at all and Naruto's Shadow Clone couldn't touch or incapacitate him, his Edo form may be weaker than his living form and have less overall chakra(albeit it infinitely regenerates over time) but it was still able to do that.

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