• This is Naruto right after the fight with pain. Both have standard equipment, full chakra, and all abilities they’ve displayed at that point.

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    • If this's Ay-IV, he literally blitz one-shots from the leggo.

      Ay-III indicates a high diff-fight, who physically dwarfs Naruto, employs a lethal lighting variant/3 Hell Stab, to trounce SM Naruto. The SM physical durability upgrades don't scale anywhere near RnY, like implicated cannonically.

      An SCOR/Rasenshuriken sprees likely avoided by tank, or dodge, + there's the fact that lighting elementally is exponentially superior manifested naturally in the Naruto Universe (like implicited by Sasuke's Kīrin.), hence the brute-bypass is physically certain. He wouldn't breach the cloak concurrently gets outplayed progressively during the transition combat.

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    • SM's precog would obviously make him counter or avoid the blitz, the sharingan did. SM durability is weak when it comes to piercing attacks, but blunt atk's it can withstand, like the bijju pounding on SM Madara. The raikage would have a hard time landing deadly blows on Naruto, whilst the opposite is arguable. Wind>>Lightning, so he has a chance of winning with that or multiple frog Kata's..

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    • SM Naruto wins. For the Sandaime it will be high difficulty and Yondaime will be mid to high difficulty.

      as is, the power of the two Raikage are their Lightning cloak and speed and durability. the Yondaime most definitely has the edge in speed, while the Sandaime has edge in durability. in my opinion SM Naruto bypasses both those advantages of the Raikages.

      for starters, SM Naruto already showed that he could dodge the Sandaime at point blank. at this moment i am assuming the Raikage was at his fastest. he was using the Hell Stab, which essentially is a far superior version of Chidori, with the concentration on the finger, so i would assume that excuting said jutsu would mean moving at top speed and the so called speed bonus. Naruto dodged that.

      So, if Naruto could dodge the Sandaime at his fastest at point blank i can assume that he can do so to the Yondaime at his full speed. i mean to really take advantage of the full speed the Yondaime has to come at Naruto from a distance, so SM Naruto can easily see through it and dodge it. it doesnt have to be the crazy NTCM dodge after all.

      even if Naruto took a hit, the blunt attack would not do much to SM durability.

      penetrating the body of the Raikages is where it becomes tricky.

      in my opinion the Rasengan should really do the trick as far as Yondaime goes and do great damage to the Sandaime. The Rasengan in essence as we first saw in the begining was a jutsu that did little damage on the surface, but ripped the insides insides out. it was clear with the tank and Kabuto. So Naruto hitting the Rasengan may barely do any damage to their bodies, but the insides of the Raikage will be destroyed as you cannot train your insides to make them akin to steel. that is why Juken was so dangerous and Rasengan also should have been. but the writers only made the Rasengan powerful as per the situation. the best representaion of the Rasengan is in the recent chapters of Boruto (fight against Boro), where Boro was being destroyed by it. You will say that was Karma powered Rasengan, but we are also talking about SM powered Rasengan (and really speaking, the Karam powered Boruto until Borushiki happened is no match for SM Naruto during Pein arc).

      even if discount for Rasengan, there is no way the Yondaime can survive Frog Kata. all Naruto has to do is dodge the lightning speed, and swing his fist. the Sandaime probably would survive because of his durability.

      though, there is no way either Raikages are surviving the Rasenshuriken. Yes. i am saying so, despite the manga showing the Sandaime surviving it.

      let me make my point. first of all, like the Rasengan, the Rasenshuriken does little external damage. it was evident with Kakuzu. what it does insted is internal damage. it destroys the chakra network and does damage on cellular level. destroying the chakra network means you cant use your chakra. even medical skills of Tsunade cannot heal you. So even after taking damage the Sandaime was able to continue was not because he was some beast, but because he was an Edo. it is an immortal body that can heal out of any wounds unless it is TSBs. so if the Sandaime was alive than he would lose his ability to wield chakra and will be internally badly damaged and bleeding, even if he were to live without possessing multiple hearts like Kakuzu.

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