• No ninjutsu. How hard do they hit?, in part 1 Gai was able to shatter a wall with a single punch, A single punch from Kakashi was able to make war arc obito cough blood, A kick from Itachi sends Kurenai and later Sasuke flying many feets away. What level is their AP?

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    • Eh, it's relative for the most part. Depends on the type attack, the environment, the foe durability, and the likes.

      For instance, you got SM Scapel+ Kabuto parrying LOS+ ET Itachi, inspite of inherently logically possessing a superior durability + physicals assimilation via virtue of gratifying Sage Mode on his physicality, that might not make sense in short term, however it is what it is, like portrayed by the author.

      Gai's physical resilience + durability + physicality unique traits displayed the likes of striking air on 7G, flicking fire, a feature illogically substantiated scientifically extrapolating, denying that feature to stack perfectly on standard default Mode, a presumption could he substantiated that he's likely physically powerful to replicate that by a literal 1/7 parameters, the initial G doesn't boost physical strata, plainly explicitly bypass brain, physique, and blood-limits.

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