• This technique easily got past the defense of a perfect susanoo and SPSM Naruto's chakra cloak and turned both into ash.

    • Speculative techniques that can counter it or survive it, except Kamui.?
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    • Any technique that produces a study structure that can take the blow for the user. For example, an earth wall will take the bone and be turned to ash instead of the user.

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    • Shirai tensei to blow then away, using preta path barrier seal to absorb it, dust release maybe. There are many ways to dodge or survive a projectile based attack.

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    • Dunno about the preta path thing but this ^^ Also Amaterasu could be considered.

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    • Amaterasu is just flames, the bone would fly through them and maybe catch fire sure, but then whoever the bones hit would now also be set on fire.

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    • Something like this it burning such a small object will not take much time.

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    • It also depends on who is casting the Amaterasu, Itachi has shown he can make them burn faster with accelerating them, near instantaneous while in moments where he isn't actively controlling the flames they are burning at a normal rate such as when they were lingering in the forest around the Uchiha compound, I don't recall Sasuke ever making something burn away near instantaneously.

      And at the speed those bones fly it would HAVE to be near instantaneous to stop them from making contact with the target.

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    • Amaterasu seems to burn faster when the user is focused on whatever's burning. It failing to burn the trees faster than it did burn sasuke or sasuke's firestyle jutsu is proof of this really.

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    • Amaterasu did burn the kunai which came at sarada at high speed instantaneous. Also when teen Sasuke used amaterasu on danzo mid air, he burned down before he hit the ground.

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    • There are reasons to believe Danzo used izanagi the moment he got caught with Amaterasu, knowing it would be a waste of time to not use it since he can't escape amaterasu anyways.

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    • Orochimaru's Oral Rebirth is like a get out of Hell free card, but it may or may not be able to handle All Killing Ash Bones. I guess I'll believe it when I see it.

      Flying Thunder God and Flying Thunder God: Guiding Thunder counters it pretty easily though.

      Amenotejikara should prove quite effective against it. I don't recall why Sasuke didn't do to Kaguya what he did to Madara. Seems like he could've taken her out with her own jutsu.

      Summoning: Quintuple Rashōmon could ward off a Tailed Beast Ball equipped with a Susanoo sword. I imagine it can handle AKAB.

      Jigen's entire @$$ shrinking jutsu pretty much guarantees he won't get hit by this.

      Dust release and/or Truth Seeking Orbs should be able to take care of this.

      Gaara's Gourd Sand might be able to deflect this.

      Just like Sasuke summoned that snake to get the hell out of dodge after Deidara's explosion, someone could summon a summons to take the hit for them.

      Shadow clones could also be created to take the hit for you if you're fast enough.

      Izanagi of course is a no-hitter quitter.

      Raikage's Raiton Armor avoids this like the plague.

      Deidara has dodged using explosions.

      Finally, Toneri's Tenseigan allowed him to control attractive and repulsive forces, which may prove effective against this.

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    • Nothing bar Rikudo powered attacks are walling it. Stuff like ETSB or Toneri's particle beam.

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