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    solid chapter i rate it 7.5/10.. so glad to see Lord 7th hokage Naruto safe and sound back to Konoha's hospital. The conversation between Sasuke & Mitsuki regarding Boruto brief transformation to Momoshiki is interesting hohoho.

    Also exciting to see what Amado had to offer to the leaf village at this point. Super sketchy and smart.. i love it

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    • So many traitors, Jigen needs to up his employee benefits. /s

      I am so glad he shut Delta up, so annoying.

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    • I was expecting a bunch of people here saying 'So Kashin Koji is confirmed to be a Ninja Technology Weapon, for sure they took Jiraiya's DNA to build it' or something like that...

      Also I was expecting Sasuke to be a bit smarter, he should have figured out that Boruto is a vessel a few chapters ago...

      And again, why do all of the characters look like chibi versions of the anime ones?

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