• They both waltz in the 5K summit, zetsu informs that Itachi and Sasuke are here, how you think the kage's would react to that is up to you: Meaning would more than one of them step in? or just Ay again.
    • Same version of Sasuke, same mentality (bloodlust-ish)
    • Uchiha hideout Itachi.
    • The kage's and all their aids can be used (Kankuro, temari, Cee, Darui etc).

    How long do they last or who wins?

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    • I feel like one of them might die or be seriously injured but other than that I dont see them not winning. Tsunade is easy to take down cause and even if she uses her healing she would still be taken down fast.A is strong and probably the most threatening to the two after enoki but we all saw how sasuke handled A with the amatarasu and he also has Ithaca by his side.and enoki is probably gonna kill one of them at the end but they still win

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    • So we have aye, darui, cee, gaara, temari, kankuro, mei, ao, chojuro, onoki, kurotsuchi, akatsuchi, danzo, torune, and fu. So 15 vs 2. Aye and gaara alone would give sasuke trouble, and danzo, onoki, and mei can at the very least hold itachi off, meanwhile the other 10 kage bodygaurds as support is too much for uchihas. Mid diff kages + bodyguards.

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    • Yeah the Kages + Aides win, too many enemies. If it was just the five kages they would win majority.

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