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Three-Heads after release
Game Naruto Shippūden: Kizuna Drive
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The Three-Headed Guardian Beast, commonly called Three-Heads, is a creature sealed in Yumegakure that appears in Naruto Shippūden: Kizuna Drive.


Initially, the Three-Heads appeared as a giant monster with a body similar to that of a lion and three heads. Its skin is mostly white and has dark purple on several places, including the underbelly. It has beige-coloured armour above the main head on which there are several small, red markings and a row of spikes. The other two heads come out of each side of the armour. It has light yellow-green markings under each head's small eyes and thin and sharp teeth.

Armoured Three-Heads

The Three-Heads' true form after Gensui was absorbed.

After Gensui allowed the Three-Heads to absorb him its appearance changed greatly. Its entire body becomes covered in dark grey armour with pinkish-red markings on several places. Its original armour increases in size and it gains spikes on the end of its tail, as well as pink armour on its underbelly. The necks of the three heads now seem to be composed on thick tissues and are much longer. The heads themselves are covered in purple armour with several spikes and red markings and their rows of teeth are larger now.


It is said to be a solid concentration of chakra that brings about cataclysms. It is said that the first cry of the beast scorches mountains and plains, the second shakes the earth, and the third returns all to nothingness. In a distant past, even before the Great Ninja War, the seal on the Three-Heads was released, just once. According to one account, even though the monster cried once, the number of dead was easily over a thousand.

When it was unsealed by Ryuka, its power was weakened due to having been sealed for so long. But after Gensui allowed himself to be absorbed by the beast most of its original power returned. While fighting Team Kakashi it showed to be able to emit chakra from its body to bring about negative status effects with its physical attacks, including poison. It also showed a powerful roar that can stun everyone around it and an attack similar to a Tailed Beast Ball: a powerful beam of purple-pink chakra fired from its mouth. It can also fire one from each mouth at once.


  • The Three-Heads is greatly influenced by Cerberus, Hades' loyal three-headed hellhound that guards the gates to the Underworld in Greek mythology.
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