The Three Coloured Pills are secret medicines used by the Akimichi clan. As the name suggests, there are three pills, each with a different colour. First is the green Spinach Pill (ホウレン丸, Hōrengan),[1] next is the yellow Curry Pill (カレー丸, Karēgan), and last is the red Chilli Pill (トンガラシ丸, Tongarashigan).[2]

By forcibly converting the body's fat reserves into chakra, each successive pill ingested gives a tremendous power boost. The Chilli Pill is even said to increase one's power a hundred times. However, the pills have a drawback. Each pill damages the body, poisoning it, and since the third pill converts all of one's fat reserves, the user will become dangerously emaciated. It is said that after the third pill, death is imminent.[2] However, the Nara clan has apparently done extensive research on the pills, and that knowledge allowed the Fifth Hokage to neutralise the poison and repair the damage to Chōji Akimichi, after he took all three pills to fight and kill Jirōbō. The pills allow for easier use of the Akimichi clan's calorie control.[3]


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