Thundercloud Unit
Thundercloud Unit (雷雲隊, Raiuntai)
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #320
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The Thundercloud Unit is a special backup unit, belonging to the Supply Unit of the Allied Shinobi Forces from Kumogakure. It is composed of seven members who are well versed in several areas of bukijutsu, especially kenjutsu, formed by twelve to thirteen years old kids. Despite their young age, they were considered prodigies in their village which earned them a place in the war.


During the Fourth Shinobi World War, the Thundercloud Unit was sent to the Seventh Front in order to back up the Amphibious Search and Destroy Unit, who had been overrun by two thousand White Zetsu clones. Sometime during this, they became trapped within a large statue on the battlefield after the White Zetsu used the surrounding, poisonous red soil to create a vast smokescreen of poisonous gas. After speaking with his teammates within the statue, Yukai, the leader of the group, and the others emerge to fight the Zetsu and face their fate. In the ensuing fight, Yukai is injured, however, Omoi, who had come to rescue them, appears and fights alongside them. At this point, using the Lightning Release Co-Operation: Thunder Bomb technique, the group is able to neutralise and finish off the remaining White Zetsu.

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