"Time Limit…!!" (タイムリミット…!!, Taimu Rimitto…!!, Viz: Time Limit!!) is chapter 48 of the Boruto manga.


Isshiki finishes shrinking the remaining pillars at their location. Koji breathes fire at him, but he harmlessly shrinks them as he approaches. Koji grabs him with his hair and tosses him on the ground, but Isshiki shrinks and escapes. Koji tries stabbing him with his hair when Isshiki is close to him, but he evades it as well. Isshiki ponders that with the body he has, he only has two or three days of life left, and praises Amado's planning. He taunts Koji that Amado likely intends for Naruto and Sasuke to defeat him, and that means Koji's role was done the moment he forced Isshiki to resurrect in Jigen's body, lacking the strength to actually kill him. He'll make Koji understand he can't be a heroic ninja tool, being a sacrificial pawn instead. Koji enters Sage Mode. Amado goes over the terms of his asylum agreement, the limitations and obligations imposed on him. Shikamaru requests that he disarms the bomb on Shikadai's neck, and Amado reveals it was a bluff on his part. Turning to Naruto, he stresses the hard part has yet to come. He advises them against going to fight Isshiki, as with his limited time, his priority will be to apply another Kāma to Kawaki, so he might even ignore Naruto and Sasuke if they take the fight to him. Amado suggests evacuating Konohagakure civilians. He also advises hiding Kawaki, somewhere close where Naruto and Sasuke can protect him if his location is exposed. Isshiki must be defeated before applying another Kāma to Kawaki. Koji keeps using Fire Release jutsu, meaning to get around Isshiki's dōjutsu by blocking his sight. He manages to pin Isshiki between flames and an Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan. Isshiki produces the previously shrunk stone pillars, pinning Koji down. Koji notes his injuries as Isshiki explains the nature of his jutsu. Isshiki wonders why Koji kept fighting, and offers to deliver his last words to Amado, as a courtesy of a former comrade. He approaches to hear Koji's words, but he summons a toad and escapes by reverse summoning it instead. Isshiki wonders what Koji intends to do and portals away, intending on finding Kawaki. Boruto wants to fight Isshiki along his father, noting that both Naruto and Sasuke lost to him when he was weaker. Sasuke points out both he and Naruto have always been ready to die for Konoha, and asks if he's the same. Naruto is notified of Isshiki's arrival at Konoha.

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