The Tobishachimaru (飛鯱丸, Tobishachimaru) is a flying ship designed by Tazuna and created by the Land of Waves' carpenters. It was expected to be the first in a fleet of flying ships that would revolutionise the transportation of goods between countries. Named after orcas, the Tobishachimaru is 223 metres long and 34 metres in diameter, has a maximum speed of 70 kilometres per hour, and is intended to fly at an altitude of 5,000 metres. It uses balloons filled with helium for buoyancy and six propellers for movement and steering. In addition to the cargo and crew, it can accommodate nearly sixty passengers, for whose benefit the Tobishachimaru is outfitted with a kitchen, dining compartment, and other amenities.


During the Tobishachimaru's maiden voyage — something only the ninja of Konohagakure are supposed to know about — the Tobishachimaru is hijacked by the Ryūha Armament Alliance. Eighteen passengers are killed during the course of the hijacking, the Tobishachimaru crashes in Kusagakure, and an international incident with Iwagakure is only narrowly avoided. Such a disastrous first flight prompts the Land of Waves to abandon the entire project.


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