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トマリ Tomari
Manga Volume #15, Naruto Chapter #129
Anime Naruto Episode #75
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  • Part I: 6
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Tomari (トマリ, Tomari) is a former academy student of Sunagakure.


In his youth, Tomari used to play with Abiru, Tsuchino, and Kashike around the village. One time, while Tomari was playing football with his friends, they were visited by Gaara who accidentally attacked them while they were trying to run away from him. However, Tomari and his horrified friends were saved by Yashamaru.[2] Still during his time at the academy, Tomari and his friends threw rocks at Shira since he couldn't use ninjutsu and genjutsu.[3] As time passed, he lost his fear towards Gaara.[1]


Tomari was said to have a slow demeanour, but he was nevertheless quick to sense danger. Though he initially feared Gaara, he lost his fear over the years.[1] In the anime, he is shown to discriminate others for their lack of skills.[3]


Tomari has black, spiky hair and dark-coloured eyes. He wore an insulated jacket, short pants and a pair of fingerless gloves.


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