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トマル Tomaru
Anime Boruto Episode #67
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Tomaru (トマル, Tomaru) is an actor in a soap opera Romy and Jule.


While Tomaru outwardly appears to be a kind, humble, polite person, underneath he is extremely petty and superficial. With his coworker Ashina leaving the show, he politely mocks her to her face to rub it in that she's a "has been". Not only that, he has a high attraction to Chōchō Akimichi but only when she's in her Butterfly Mode. When he sees her true form, he can't see that they are the same person and tells her that with a body like hers, she will never get married. However, after Chōchō saves his life in her true form, he becomes attracted to her.


Tomaru is highly attractive to young women, with Chōchō Akimichi having a huge crush on him. He wears a shinobi costume for his soap opera, complete with a headband of an unspecified or fictional village.

New Era

Chōchō Arc

Main article: Chōchō Arc When he and his costar Ashina received death threats about their production, Teams 7 and 10 were assigned to protect them. During the mission, Chōchō was always in a slimmed down form thanks to her jutsu. When one of the actresses got injured in an attack, Tomaru requested Chōchō to replace her, deepening her infatuation with him.

When Chōchō's focus on her jutsu broke during an altercation with her team-mates, Tomaru didn't recognise her and was rude to her about her chubby physique. Later, Tomaru was kidnapped, with the perpetrator asking Ashina to deliver the ransom. When Ashina was exposed as the mastermind behind the threats and kidnapping, she accidentally caused a rock slide, rendering Tomaru falling down and hurting his back. Chōchō ended up revealing herself to be the slim girl Tomaru liked while protecting him from the rocks. Tomaru became infatuated with Chōchō instead for saving him, but she told him he'll have rivals for her.

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