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秋道トリフ Akimichi Torifu
Manga Volume #51, Naruto Chapter #481
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #211
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  • Part II: 30
Status Presumed Deceased
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Torifu Akimichi (秋道トリフ, Akimichi Torifu) was a jōnin of Konohagakure's Akimichi clan. Along with his teammates, Kagami Uchiha and Danzō Shimura, he was a direct subordinate of the Second Hokage.


In the anime, shortly after the founding of the village, he was shown to be part of a class alongside Koharu Utatane and Homura Mitokado. Later he watched on as Hiruzen Sarutobi and Danzō Shimura were about to spar, along with Koharu and Kagami Uchiha.

Torifu with his team during the First Shinobi World War.

During the First Shinobi World War he was part of Tobirama's Escort Unit. When they were being chased by Kumogakure's Kinkaku Force and Kagami surmised that someone had to lure them away from the rest of the squad Torifu said whoever that person was would essentially be a sacrifice. Along with the rest of his comrades he witnessed Tobirama declare Hiruzen the Third Hokage.[2] Him surviving the confrontation against the Kinkaku Force eventually made him a famous shinobi throughout the ninja world.[1]

Torifu and the villagers confront the Nine-Tails.

Decades later he was seen alongside Hiruzen, Homura, and Koharu and other shinobi directly engaging the Nine-Tails after it was set loose on the village.[3] When they were finally able to drive the beast outside the village's limits, Hiruzen called for them to continue to attack the beast.


While much is not known of his personality, it was stated that Torifu prided himself on his physical strength.[1]


Torifu had short spiky brown hair and dark markings around his eyes. Like all other member of the Akimichi clan, he had a very robust build and markings on his cheeks - another custom of his clan. In his youth, he wore the standard black suit, a grey breastplate with faulds protecting the sides of his legs, arm guards, a forehead protector modelled to resemble a hat, and a pouch tied to his back with bandages. Several years later during the Nine-Tails' attack on Konoha, Torifu now noticeably older, wore a more modern style of armour with his clan's obligatory kanji for "food" (, shoku) on it. He also carried a and a shield that was reminiscent of a sakazuki.[4]


Torifu was a powerful shinobi, well known throughout the ninja world. His physical prowess is remarkably high, a feat he is very proud of.[1] Although the full extent of his abilities are unknown, as an Akimichi, Torifu can convert calories into chakra in order to perform his clan's secret techniques. He was also seemingly proficient with wielding a and also used a shield in battle.[4]


  • When Torifu débuted in chapter 481, he had the custom marking on his cheeks that all known Akimichi have. However, when seen during the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's Attack in both the Weekly Shōnen Jump and tankōbon release, these markings were not present.[3]


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