Guy's summon: Ningame.

Tortoises (, Kame) are the characteristic summon of Might Guy. At some point in time, Guy made a contract with ninja tortoises which allows him to summon them as he wishes. Not much use has been made of them by Guy throughout the series, because he prefers not to use ninjutsu around his student Rock Lee who is unable to, as a means of fostering his taijutsu skills. Nevertheless, when the situation calls for it, Guy will use his ninja tortoises.

Known Tortoises

SOS tortoise

The messenger tortoise.

The first tortoise Ningame, was seen during the Chūnin Exams, when he stopped Lee from attacking Sasuke Uchiha, later scolding him for attempting to use the Front Lotus. Ningame wasn't seen again until Part II, when Guy was chasing down Kisame Hoshigaki on the remote island. In the anime, Guy later summoned Ningame to enter into a contract with his other student Tenten, but she offended Ningame, and he refused to enter into a contract with her. A messenger tortoise was also summoned by Guy in the anime, a small tortoise that can travel a long distance and then lights up with the words "S.O.S." to signal allies that Guy was in trouble.

Throughout the series other tortoises have been seen, though not contracted to Guy. The Island Turtle is a gigantic tortoise that has an island complete with wildlife and vegetation growing on its back along with several structures on top of, as well as inside its shell. Another large tortoise was also seen on the island where Ningame landed after Guy uses his shell as a platform, several times larger than the summoned creature who stated that he had never seen a tortoise that big.


  • Oddly, the messenger "tortoise" summoned by Guy in the anime is a turtle, not a tortoise.
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