This is a simple puppet toy designed in appearance to resemble a small snake. After running a Chakra Thread through the interior, the puppeteer is able to manipulate the harmless puppet for fun and entertainment. The puppet was used by Kankurō for the purpose of scaring others.

The puppet is composed of 12 light green sections lined up, each with the ability to pivot to some degree to allow it to move similarly to a real snake. The head of the puppet is composed of a split section that resembles a mouth with a pink extend tongue. The tail piece is pointed and goes out into a thin, rounded point; The tail is roughly twice the size of the other sections. The puppet itself roughly resembles a snake and upon first inspection could easily be mistaken as one, as it is intended. When in a stationary position, the snake is able to balance on it's tail piece and sway it's upper body.

Kankurō compared the functionality of the Garian Sword to this puppet due to it's serpentine appearance and it's being manipulated by a wire running through it's interior.

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