Traditional Shinobi Sparring (伝統的の忍組手, Dentōteki no Shinobi Kumite) is a combat training method that has been passed down for generations in Konohagakure as a training method for Academy students. According to protocol, the two opponents must face each other and make the Seal of Confrontation (対立の印, Tairitsu no In), which represents one half of a seal that might be used to activate a ninjutsu and essentially means "I've come to face you in battle". When the spar is over, both participants make the Seal of Reconciliation (和解の印, Wakai no In) by locking the fingers they used to make the "confrontation" seal, acknowledging that they are still comrades.[1]


  • When Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha first sparred, they refused to make the "reconciliation" seal. However, years later when the two fought each other at the Valley of the End, they had a flashback of their younger selves making the "reconciliation" seal.[2]


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