The Triple-Bladed Scythe is the primary weapon of Akatsuki-member Hidan. Its main purpose is to aid him in collecting blood for his curse ritual. Because of this, it is designed not so much to kill the target, but to wound them, no matter how big or small the wound.[1]

The three blades get smaller from top to bottom, giving the scythe a larger range despite decreasing its lethality. The scythe is attached to a long metal cable, wound around two spools on Hidan's left hip. This cable is strong enough to block kunai and allows Hidan to further increase the scythe's range by swinging it through the air. The cable was later destroyed by an explosive tag. The scythe can split up and it has various other functions that were never shown.[2]

Due to its large size, Hidan claimed that it greatly inhibits his attack speed, and it makes him the slowest member in Akatsuki.[3] Despite this, he is remarkably nimble in manipulating it, even being capable of using the scythe to deflect incoming shuriken.

The scythe was abandoned when Shikamaru forced Hidan to drop it and leave the area.[4] In the anime, after the Five Kage Summit, Kabuto Yakushi acquired the Triple-Bladed Scythe from the Nara Clan Forest, where he had stored it in a scroll for later use.[5] When Hidan's clone was later summoned, Kabuto summoned the scythe from the scroll to again be used by the former.[6]

In the movie tie-in specials Road to Naruto the Movie and Prologue of Road to Ninja, a White Zetsu, disguised as Hidan, was shown wielding his own identical scythe.


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