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"Trouble…!!" (苦境…!!, Kukyō…!!, Viz: Predicament…!!) is chapter 206 of the original Naruto manga.


Kimimaro continues to keep Naruto away from Sasuke's coffin, using his dances and bones to prevent any of Naruto's shadow clones from getting through. Elsewhere, an injured Kiba and an incapacitated Akamaru hide from Sakon. When he sees that he is leaving a blood trail, allowing Sakon to follow them, Kiba abandons his coat and flees down river with Akamaru. Meanwhile, Shikamaru is given no opportunities to attack, Tayuya's control over her Doki allowing her to cover all possibilities. Playing a new tune on her Demonic Flute, Tayuya has the Doki attack.

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