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True Identity
(正体, Shōtai)
Boruto Volume 12
Volume Info
Previous The New Team 7
Volume 12
Pages 176
Release Date
Japanese September 4, 2020 (ISBN 978-4-08-882412-3)

True Identity (正体, Shōtai) is volume 12 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga.

Chapter 44

"Amado " (アマド, Amado)

Naruto wakes up in the hospital, surrounded by his family. Boruto leaves to go tell Kawaki. Katasuke explains to Kawaki that his discomfort is possibly due to his modified body rejecting a the chakra-incompatible prosthetic. Kawaki rejects Sumire's offer to administer painkillers. Katasuke regrets not knowing enough about Kawaki's physiology to properly treat him. Boruto arrives and tells Kawaki that Naruto is awake. Shikamaru updates Naruto on what he has missed, and that despite his successful rescue, they can't condone the genin's rashness. He stresses they're still under threat, as Jigen can use Kawaki's Kāma to infiltrate them again. Koji and Amado prepare to leave. Amado assures Koji his light packing is enough. Koji summons his toad. Delta arrives, asking where they're going without Jigen's leave. Koji offers to deal with Delta, but Amado merely issues a shutdown command, causing Delta to fall unconscious. Koji wonders if he's been similarly programmed. Amado boards Koji's toad, Koji gives him directions for his destination, and reverse summons his toad. Amado arrives at the outskirts of Konohagakure while Koji heads forward in Kara's headquarters. Sarada tells her parents how the battle transpired, and how Boruto changed during it. Sarada is concerned about Boruto, but Sakura and Sasuke urge her to recover now so she can help him later. Mitsuki asks to have a word with Sasuke, and tells him of Boro's description of Boruto as Momoshiki's vessel. They conjecture on Momoshiki's motive for giving Boruto the Kāma, and how that applies to Kawaki, though Sasuke is confused by his impression that Jigen, who granted Kawaki his Kāma, is a vessel for another Ōtsutsuki. Team 10 spar against one another. Amado praises them, and requests an audience with Shikamaru. Shikadai attempts to paralyse him, but Amado employs a tuning fork-like tool that allows him to hijack his jutsu. He drugs Shikadai and straps a collar to his neck. Inojin contacts his mother, asking to contact Shikamaru immediately. Naruto and Shikamaru visit Kawaki. Shikamaru wants even tighter security on Kawaki, who concedes. Ino contacts Shikamaru, and explains someone claiming to be from Kara has strapped a bomb to Shikadai. Other shinobi, among them Sai and Moegi were dispatched and are at their location. Moegi separates Amado from Shikadai and restrains him with Earth Release. Amado demonstrates what the bomb collar is capable of on a tree, and reveals Shikadai's is programmed to detonate in forty-eight hours unless he disarms it. Sai orders her to release Amado, which she does. Amado apologises for his drastic measures, but assures them time is critical. Ino connects Shikamaru to Amado, who explains he's coming for him, since decision making authority rests on him with the Hokage being unavailable. Shikamaru takes this as proof of Amado's Kara membership. Shikamaru reveals to Amado that they've actually recovered Naruto already, surprising him. Kawaki confirms Amado's voice. Naruto joins the conversation, and Amado is glad for it, as his risking his life is made more worth it. Amado expresses his wish to defect to Konohagakure, in return for intel on Kara, Jigen, his Ten-Tails, and the Ōtsutsuki.

Chapter 45

"Defection" (亡命, Bōmei)

Amado assures Konohagakure that if they accept his defection, the intel he has to offer will be extremely beneficial to them, and that he'll release Shikadai. Sumire explains what Amado means to Boruto, and Kawaki is sceptical of Amado. Naruto agrees to interrogate Amado, much to Shikamaru's surprise, saying it's the only way to help Shikadai, and that they can decide on whether they trust him later. Code keeps watch on the Ten-Tails, and reports to Jigen, who warns him that Konoha knows of that location. Code asks about Boro, and Jigen says he hasn't made his scheduled contact. Jigen dismisses him, and asks the recently arrived Koji to report on his mission. Amado asks for a smoke to clear his head, and when Shikamaru refuses, he gets a rise out of him by mentioning Shikadai. Naruto tells Amado to start talking. Boruto, Kawaki, Katasuke, and Sumire watch them. Kawaki explains that Amado is Kara's head researcher, confirming his access and that Jigen has never granted him leave. He feels Amado is prepared to die. Kawaki also confirms to Katasuke that Amado is the one who modified his body and the bodies of the other Kara Inners, exciting him about learning from him. Naruto wants Amado to share some info so they can judge whether to accept his defection or not, and promises not to betray him after they talk. Jigen points out that Koji doesn't have Kawaki, something that has never happened. Koji explains that he can't intervene easily while Kawaki is under the Hokage's close watch. However, Koji says he was surprised that Jigen concealed the fact he could have retrieved Kawaki himself at any time, and asks why. Jigen makes light of it, and considers the airship crash that allowed Kawaki's escape to be the root of their problems. He adds that the crash was no accident, it was attacked and made to look like an accident. Koji feigns ignorance, and Jigen says this is the perfect opportunity for them to stop pretending. One of Koji's toads watches them. Amado explains that Jigen became an Ōtsutsuki. Simplifying it, he adds that the Ōtsutsuki are alien parasites. They suck the life out of a planet by draining its chakra with a God Tree. The tree bears a Chakra Fruit, rich in energy and information, which the Ōtsutsuki consume, being the means through which their species evolves. Amado asks if Sasuke has reached a certain location, and reveals he arranged for the information to be present in the airship's data for them to find, because he wanted them to learn about the curve-horned Ōtsutsuki ahead of time. Amado says that if Sasuke went there, he saw they have a Ten-Tails, much to Naruto and Shikamaru's surprise. He doesn't know where that one came from, but adds that Ōtsutsuki always employ Ten-Tails, as they're God Tree seedlings. Naruto asks if Jigen's the one attempting to do it to their planet, but Sasuke believes it's whoever gave Jigen his Kāma. He deduces that Jigen became an Ōtsutsuki because of the Kāma, and asks Amado for information on what it is. Amado's glasses make a sound. Amado says it's a transmission from a colleague, and asks Shikamaru to take his glasses and point at the wall. Shikamaru does so at Naruto's instruction, and the glasses project a live transmission of Jigen and Koji's meeting. Shikamaru recognises the name from Konohamaru's report, and Boruto recognises his mask from their fight. Kawaki is confused by the revelation the Koji and Amado conspired to let him escape. Jigen wants to know why they turned against him, going against the Inners' plan to acquire the Chakra Fruit. Koji notices Jigen's breath is ragged and attacks him. Jigen disappears, and reappears behind Koji, piercing him with his chakra rods. Koji disappears, having been a shadow clone. The real Koji says his motive is simple, he's never had interest in the Chakra Fruit, and was created to kill him.

Chapter 46

"True Identity" (正体, Shōtai)

Koji confirms he was created to kill Jigen. Watching the transmission at Konoha, Naruto asks why they're fighting if they're both Kara members. Amado explains they were both pretending to be Kara, their true objective being killing Jigen. As he was severely drained from the fight against Naruto and Sasuke, this is an opportunity they won't have again. Jigen considers Koji to be a mere tool used by Amado, and Koji is ok with it, as that's what he considers shinobi to be. Koji attacks with Fire Release, which Jigen absorbs with Kāma. While doing so, Koji positions himself behind Jigen, drenches him in oil, and places several toads on him, which burn more intensely because of the oil. Kawaki doesn't think it'll make a difference because of the Kāma. Naruto recognises Koji's fighting style. Jigen absorbs the flames and engages in taijutsu against Koji. Koji uses shadow clones, but Jigen evades it and pierces one with his rods. Jigen avoids another shadow clone by shrinking, and pierces it as well. Jigen comments on Koji's seriousness in wanting him dead, and hopes he's prepared to die. Koji feels the same, and addresses Jigen as Isshiki Ōtsutsuki. Amado explains that Isshiki came to their planet as Kaguya's partner, per the usual Ōtsutsuki expansion method he already explained. For reasons unknown to Amado, Kaguya turned on Isshiki, leaving him on the verge of death. He only survived by taking over a novice monk that happened to be nearby, Jigen. Sasuke asks if that's when Jigen was marked with Kāma. Before continuing, Amado confirms with Naruto his asylum deal, and won't remove Shikadai's collar until he has the deal in writing. Naruto does so, and Amado continues. Using Boruto and Momoshiki as an example, he reveals that Kāma is actually replicated data from an Ōtsutsuki that is implanted, comparing it to a compressed backup file. Overtime, that file is uncompressed, overwriting the will of the person marked with it until the Ōtsutsuki who made it is reborn. Naruto asks if there's a way to block the process. Amado isn't aware of any, though he speculates that killing Boruto before he's overwritten would work. Sasuke asks what happens to the Kāma in the case of a successful resurrection. Amado believes it would simply vanish, and Sasuke points out that Isshiki has taken over Jigen, but Jigen still bears a Kāma. Amado chuckles, angering Shikamaru. Amado observes Sasuke's point, and explains that Isshiki didn't take over Jigen through usual means. Implanting a Kāma is a significant under-taking, something Isshiki didn't have enough power to do while near death. Instead, he shrunk himself, and physically entered Jigen's body, acting as a parasite until he took over his brain, only implanting a Kāma at a later point. Jigen extends his Kāma and continues to fight Koji. Koji immobilises Jigen with an Earth Release. Naruto questions why Isshiki hasn't revived through Jigen. Amado explains that selecting an appropriate vessel is essential for a successful rebirth. Jigen was the only available vessel for Isshiki at the time, and his body isn't strong enough to sustain a fully restored Isshiki, so Isshiki through Jigen began preparing a more resilient vessel, Kawaki. Jigen escapes Koji's Earth Release by shrinking and sends more rods his way, which Koji dodges. Koji retracts his Earth Release, revealing summoning marks. Flames burst through, and Jigen tries absorbing them, only to discover he can't. Koji explains these are natural occurring flames he summoned from another location, and as they're not Fire Release, he can't absorb them. Amado stresses they mustn't allow Isshiki to be reborn in Kawaki's body. As long as there are Kāma, the Ōtsutsuki will remain beings who can transcend death. However, he points out it is possible to kill them, and that he'll teach them all how to do it.

Chapter 47

"Predestined Fate" (宿命, Shukumei)

Boruto is incredulous that Isshiki would absorb so much fire, and Kawaki explains that he shouldn't be able to, since those are natural flames. Isshiki is combating the flames, but he's shrinking them instead. Amado explains that Sukunahikona can shrink and restore anything but living things, with the exception of the jutsu user, and assures Shikamaru they counted on that happening for them to strike. Jigen's body begins to run out of chakra, so Isshiki can no longer shrink the flames, which begin consuming him. Amado reveals that he was still recovering from the fight against Naruto and Sasuke, which limited how much he could shrink the flames. Naruto wonders if that's Isshiki's end, but Sasuke points out that he still has two Kāma, so he can reincarnate twice. Sasuke also finds it strange, as killing Jigen would make Kawaki Isshiki's sole remaining vessel as he intended. Shikamaru wonders if the entire thing was a setup from the start. Kawaki enters the interrogation room and attacks Amado, but is blocked by Sasuke. Amado assures everyone that it's a misunderstanding, and that he can explain. He says that Jigen's body will perish from the flames in a few minutes, causing the Kāma to automatically begin the reincarnation process, something even Isshiki can't control. He adds that another difference between Jigen and Kawaki is that Jigen's Kāma had time to be fully extracted, so Isshiki can be reincarnated in him, while Kawaki's Kāma has yet to fully decompress, so he can't be a vessel for Isshiki yet. Shikamaru takes it to mean that Isshiki won't be able to return for a while. Boruto asks if Amado intends to kill Kawaki before his Kāma can fully extract, which Amado does confirm is an option, incensing Naruto. Amado instructs them to watch the feed so they can witness Isshiki's true form, as even a dead body can be used as a vessel for an Ōtsutsuki. He notes the fortuitousness of Kawaki's presence, wanting to confirm something for himself. Kawaki's Kāma activates and spreads through his body, and suddenly vanishes. Amado has Boruto confirm that the Kāma on Kawaki's hand has vanished as well. The flames consuming Jigen's body all shrink in an instant. Amado reveals that when an Ōtsutsuki reincarnates, all of that Ōtsutsuki's implanted Kāma are erased, something he believes to be a safety feature to avoid the creation of duplicates with the same personality. The others understand that now, without a single implanted Kāma, Isshiki can be permanently killed. Isshiki appears in his true form, and begins shrinking everything in his and Koji's vicinity, including the scout toad, which costs Konoha their video feed. Amado considers his endeavour mostly a success, and that Koji served his function. Naruto gets the feeling Koji was fighting with the intent of fully taking Isshiki out, and is concerned about him for reasons he can't understand. Isshiki says all people have predestined fates, and Koji's mask breaks. He understands that Amado clung to the fate of Jiraiya, which is why he created Koji as his clone, and says his death was also predestined by the same genes.

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