Tsuchigumo Clan
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(土蜘蛛一族, Tsuchigumo Ichizoku)
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The Tsuchigumo Clan (土蜘蛛一族, Tsuchigumo Ichizoku) is a clan that formed a pact with the Third Hokage during the Third Shinobi World War. The clan's leader at that time, En no Gyōja, developed a technique that could wipe out an entire village. By terms of the pact with the Third Hokage, En no Gyōja declared the technique to be forbidden, in exchange for protection provided by Konoha in times of need.

Tsuchigumo Village

The Tsuchigumo clan's hidden village.

The clan has a small fort on Mount Katsuragi that is surrounded by a barrier, and a field with many hidden traps. Additionally, they also have their own hidden village.

During the Third Shinobi World War the Tsuchigumo clan was hailed as a powerful and proud clan, because they possessed the powerful Tsuchigumo clan kinjutsu. Although they were often targeted for that reason, leading to many clan members being killed and leaving only few remaining clan members who was capable of using the kinjutsu. After that the clan became weak and En no Gyōja and the village elder had disagreements over the clan's survival. This led to the clan splitting into two groups with one in the Tsuchigumo Village and the other at Mount Katsuragi. Only few opted to follow En no Gyōja to Mount Katsuragi.


  • "Tsuchigumo" (土蜘蛛, Literally meaning: Earth Spider) is the name of a mythical Japanese creature that is shaped like a giant spider and has the ability to take on human form. It is sometimes also called yamagumo (山蜘蛛, mountain spider) and is similar to the Ushi-oni. In ancient days, it was also an insult used to call people from local clans that had not sworn allegiance to the Emperor.
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