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ツチノ Tsuchino
Manga Volume #15, Naruto Chapter #129
Anime Naruto Episode #75
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  • Part I: 6
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Tsuchino (ツチノ, Tsuchino) is a former academy student of Sunagakure.


He was the leader of his group of friends, which consisted of Abiru, Kashike, and Tomari. When Gaara tried to play with them one day, they ran away in fear. Gaara accidentally attacked them while trying to stop them with his sand, breaking Tsuchino's leg. Only the sudden appearance of Yashamaru saved Tsuchino and his friends from being completely crushed by Gaara's sand. Another time, Tsuchino and his friends threw rocks at Shira and made fun of him for not being able to enter the academy due to his lack of skills in ninjutsu and genjutsu.[2]


Tsuchino enjoyed playing with his friends very much and was terrified of people like Gaara. In the anime, he behaves very unfriendly towards unskilled persons, discriminating them because of their lack in ninja arts.[2]


Tsuchino has short spiky black hair and black-coloured eyes. [3]


  • A young boy sharing Tsuchino's character design makes a cameo appearance in the original anime episode 212, To Each His Own Path.


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