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Novel The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi
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  • Shuku Village
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  • Team Shū
Ninja Rank
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Tsuyu is a fictional character in service to Shuku Village from The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi novel written by Jiraiya. She is featured as the novel's main heroine and main supporting character to Naruto Musasabi. She also appears to be written as Naruto's love interest for the novel.


At age six, Tsuyu graduated from Shuku Academy and was placed on Team Shū under Shū's leadership alongside Naruto and Renge Momoashi. Naruto almost immediately developed romantic feelings for her, but she was uninterested in him and more interested in Renge. At one point, Naruto tried to spy on Tsuyu changing into her swimsuit, and she nearly killed him in retaliation. At one point, she confessed her feelings to Renge, but he rejected her rather harshly.

During the Second Shinobi World War, Tsuyu and the rest of Team Shū rose to the rank of jōnin and became involved in many battles. One battle in particular where they managed to hold their own against rival village leader Maei Yagyū, who bestowed the three the title "The Three Ninja of Shuku".


Tsuyu mainly displays a kind and caring personality, but reserves a more frightening and violent side for Naruto, especially for his perverse antics.

In the past, Tsuyu had romantic feelings for her team-mate Renge, but these were heavily one-sided (more so than Naruto’s one-sided love for her) as Renge immediately rejected her feelings and confession of love. Her feelings for him lingered until Renge's betrayal of the village and subsequent descent into darkness, which caused her to cast her old feelings for him aside. Later, however, Tsuyu appeared to slowly return Naruto's feelings for her as she grows closer to him.


Tsuyu's appearance is currently left mostly up to reader interpretation, but she is described as being “flat-chested” at one point. She normally wears the jōnin uniform throughout the novel.


Being a skilled medic-nin, Tsuyu had excellent chakra control and the ability to heal wounds with her chakra. Her nature transformation included Wind Release. Her signature technique is "Wind Release: Riot of a Hundred Flowers" (Fūton: Midare Hyakka), a palm strike that releases a gust of air filled with flower petals.

Tsuyu also had the ability to summon giant "mythical" birds, one being called "Karura".

The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi

When her team-mate Renge defects from Shuku and becomes a missing-nin right after the village of Ton has been destroyed, Tsuyu and Naruto are ordered to chase after him.


  • Much of Tsuyu's character and "love interest" status was inspired by Jiraiya's team-mate Tsunade, who he held a great deal of one-sided romantic feelings for.
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