The Twin Rising Dragons is a technique created by Tenten that takes advantage of her pinpoint accuracy.


Tenten places two scrolls on either side of her in an upright position. After completing the necessary hand signs, the scrolls rise up and spin around each other cloaked in smoke shaped like a dragon. When the smoke disperses, Tenten jumps in between the scrolls and starts to unseal and throw weapons at her opponent in quick succession. If her opponent deflects or dodges the attack, she can use the wire strings attached to the weapons to recover them for another attack.

During the time-skip, Tenten made some improvements to this technique. She no longer has to waste her time grabbing and throwing the weapons, as she can send them flying with just a movement of her hand. As such, she can unseal more weapons at a time, allowing her to attack at a much faster rate. She also adds explosive tags to her kunai to make her attacks more lethal.

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