This technique was taught to Anko Mitarashi by Orochimaru. The user grabs one of their intended victim's hands and forces it to assist in performing the necessary hand seals. Once this is done, the user and the victim die, which Rin no Sho likens to a lovers' double-suicide.[1] It's not actually clear how death occurs because the technique has never been seen performed successfully: when Anko uses it on Orochimaru, she stabs his hand to hers to prevent him from escaping as she performs the hand seals. When she realises he's merely a shadow clone, the technique is aborted.[2] Naruto: One Decade, One Hundred Ninja illustrates this technique as two snakes coiling around Anko and Orochimaru.


  • In Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3, when Anko performs this technique, two summoned snakes wrap themselves around her and her opponent. The snakes lock themselves together by biting each others' necks and then detonate. For gameplay reasons, Anko is left unharmed.


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