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ウバウ Ubau
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #229
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  • Pirate

Ubau (ウバウ, Ubau) is a pirate and the leader of the Sea Route of Silence Gang.


Ubau is a deceptive man witnessed by his posing as a harmless farmer in the town Naruto and his bodyguards stopped and offering the young man produce which contained a deadly mushroom. This also displayed the fact that Ubau is also quite intelligent as he was able to carry out this plan under the nose of several of Konoha's top-brass ninja.


Ubau has dull purple hair which is combed back and brown eyes. When first introduced, Ubau was disguised as a mild-mannered farmer who wore a simple kimono shirt held close by an orange sash and a pair of plain white pants and sandals. He also wore a piece of cloth tied around his head. He later abandoned this disguise for a high-collared haori with purple lining and a gold band tied around his head. He also wore bandages around his arms and waist and a pair of dark-coloured pants.

Part II

Paradise Life on a Boat

While Naruto and his group still going to the Land of Lightning, they stop on a small port town to stock up on food and water. In the port, Naruto meets Ubau — who acts as a merchant — he finds a way to put a Moulding Mushroom in Naruto's group rations. Due to the mushroom's properties, it destroys their rations, leaving the members of Naruto's group to starve to death, or poisoned to death by eating the mushrooms.

Ubau and his gang were defeated by Naruto and his group when they managed to have an unexpected provision of insect-composed meals made by Shima, brought by Gamatatsu via the Reverse Summoning Technique. With their energy replenished, Naruto's group defeated the gang and sent them back with only one Moulding Mushroom as their "provision", while ignoring their pleas for mercy.


  • Written as 奪う, "ubau" means "to snatch away, to dispossess, to steal".
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