The Uchiha Hideout.

The Uchiha Hideout (うちはのアジト, Uchiha no Ajito)[1] is a former base of the Uchiha clan. It is built into a terraced mountain with vast forestry growing on each level. Two towers were also built on either side of the mountain connecting directly to it. Inside, there was at least one, vast meeting hall which had the symbol of the Uchiha framing the doorway on either side. At the front of the room, elevated above the rest of the room by a platform was a throne of sorts a small table beside it.

The "throne" in the Uchiha Hideout.

This throne has the Uchiha crest on either side of it and two tomoe-like shapes below those as as well. Directly behind the seat is a poster which has the kanji 狐 (kitsune, literally meaning: fox) surrounded by eight swirls. The design of the throne itself allowed for the poster to be clearly visible behind it. The hall itself was in a dilapidated state as there are numerous indentations in the wall.

The fortress became the site of the final battle between Sasuke Uchiha and Itachi Uchiha eight years after the clan's downfall. It suffered massive damage from the various fireballs launched by the two brothers, and the entire building was eventually blown apart by Sasuke's Kirin. The forest around the area was also set ablaze by Itachi's Amaterasu.


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