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(許せない!!, Yurusenai!!)
Volume Info
Previous Naruto vs. Sasuke!!
Volume 21
Next Reincarnation…!!
Pages 216
Release Date
Japanese March 4, 2004 (ISBN 4-08-873573-3)
English October 2, 2007 (ISBN 978-1-4215-1855-8)

Unforgivable!! (許せない!!, Yurusenai!!) is volume 21 of the Naruto manga.

Chapter 181

"The Beginning of the Battle…!!" (闘いの始まり…!!, Tatakai no Hajimari…!!)

After gathering his things, Sasuke heads for Konoha's exit. He finds Sakura waiting for him there. He tells her to go home. She does not, instead asking why, after all they've been through together, he always ignores her. Sasuke responds that she can't understand him, but Sakura insists that, because she loves him, she's willing to try. She offers to help him take revenge and to accompany him in leaving Konoha, anything so long as she can be with him. He leaves so she threatens to scream. He knocks her out after thanking her. The Sound Four greet Sasuke outside the village to accompany him to Orochimaru.

Chapter 182

"Assemble!!" (集結!!, Shūketsu!!)

While running errands for Tsunade, Izumo and Kotetsu find Sakura unconscious. They wake her up and she tells them about Sasuke's defection. They immediately inform Tsunade. Surprised that Orochimaru is making his move so soon, Tsunade has Shikamaru brought before her and tells him what has happened. Because the village is understaffed after Orochimaru's Konoha Crush, Shikamaru and a genin team of his choosing are all that can be spared to retrieve Sasuke. Tsunade recommends Naruto and Shikamaru insists on bringing Chōji. Naruto suggests that Shino would be preferable to Chōji, but Kiba informs them that Shino is away on a mission. He, however, volunteers. Lee overhears them and recommends Neji. Lee himself awaiting his surgery.

Chapter 183

"The Promise of a Lifetime" (一生の約束, Isshō no Yakusoku)

Before the Sasuke Recovery Team departs, Shikamaru asserts his leadership and establishes a basic approach to how the mission will be carried out. Despite the frantic nature of the mission, the team and Rock Lee can find no faults with his plan. Sakura stops them before they leave and pleads with Naruto to bring Sasuke home, believing that he is now the only person capable of getting through to him. Admitting that he knows of Sakura's feelings, Naruto half-heartedly vows to do so, encouraging the team and causing Sakura to acknowledge all of his selfless actions. Elsewhere the Sound Four inform Sasuke of a task given to them by Orochimaru, bluntly telling him that he needs to die once.

Chapter 184

"Oto vs. Konoha!!" (音vs木ノ葉!!, Oto Bāsasu Konoha!!)

The Sound Four offer to advance Sasuke's cursed seal to its second level. Because they are forcing the process, Sasuke must be put into a death-like state for an extended period of time. They explain the state as 'suspended animation' after which Sasuke agrees and, after "dying", is sealed into a coffin. Meanwhile, Tsunade gives Lee a final chance to back out of the operation. Seeing how determined he is to resume his life as a ninja and fulfil his dreams, she immediately gets to work. As the Sound Four carry Sasuke's coffin to Orochimaru, they are found by Konoha ninja returning from a mission. Knowing they will need help, the Sound Four activate their cursed seals.

Chapter 185

"Pursue Oto…!!" (音を追え…!!, Oto o Oe…!!)

After activating level one of their cursed seals, the Sound Four attack Raidō Namiashi and Genma Shiranui. When they do not return their teammates, Iwashi Tatami and Shizune, go looking for them and find them near death. The Sasuke Recovery Team, detecting the battle while pursuing Sasuke, realises that Sasuke has escorts. They near the Sound Four's location and find traps in the area. Knowing they are probably resting after their battle, the Retrieval Team prepares to ambush them.

Chapter 186

"The Strategy… Failed?!" (作戦…失敗!?, Sakusen… Shippai!?)

Having been forced the activate level two of their cursed seals during the earlier fight with the Konoha ninja, the Sound Four rest. The Sasuke Recovery Team, observing them, determines that Sasuke is likely in the coffin the Sound Four have with them. They approach, but are quickly attacked. Although the Sound Four believe they have stopped an ambush, they discover that they have been captured by Shikamaru's Shadow Imitation Technique. Sakon is somehow able to free them and Jirōbō immediately traps them in a rock prison from which the Retrieval Team is unable to escape. The Sound Four continue on while Jirōbō stays behind, which Neji discovers to be because he is absorbing their chakra.

Chapter 187

"Begging for One's Life…!!" (命乞い…!!, Inochigoi…!!)

As their chakra is slowly consumed by Jirōbō, Shikamaru analyses the damage that Kiba is doing to their rock prison in his attempts to break out. He offers to give up the others if Jirōbō will let him go, but Jirōbō refuses. Most of the Sasuke Recovery Team concludes he is a traitor but Chōji, trusting Shikamaru, recognises that he has a plan. Shikamaru informs them that, although their prison repairs itself, the process is slowed at the point furthest from Jirōbō. With the help of Neji they are able to pinpoint the slowest repairing point. Ashamed for doubting him, the team focuses their attacks on that area and are able to escape.

Chapter 188

"The Shinobi of Konohagakure…!!" (木ノ葉隠れの忍…!!, Konohagakure no Shinobi)

Jirōbō is impressed that the Sasuke Recovery Team was able to escape but, having consumed most of their chakra, is confident he can defeat them. Shikamaru suggests splitting the team up, the others going ahead while he catches Jirōbō with his shadow and Naruto fights him. Jirōbō ridicules the plan and Shikamaru's jutsu, expressing his sympathies that the team has a leader as useless as Shikamaru. Chōji demands that he, and only he, be allowed to fight Jirōbō while the others follow the rest of the Sound Four. He gives them Military Rations Pills to restore their chakra which Shikamaru, confident in Chōji, accepts. They leave and Jirōbō tries to go after them, but Chōji takes the first of his Three Coloured Pills, the green Spinach Pill (ホウレン丸, Hōrengan) to stop Jirōbō.

Chapter 189

"The Power of Faith…!!" (信じる力…!!, Shinjiru Chikara…!!)

After taking the first of the Three Coloured Pills, Chōji is able to match Jirōbō in physical strength. They exchange blows, but Chōji quickly begins to feel the strain of taking the pill. As they leave the area the Sasuke Recovery Team wonders if Chōji can defeat Jirōbō, but Shikamaru informs them that one-on-one battles are perhaps the best they can hope for and that Chōji, who considers himself as the weakest of the team, is doing his part now. Shikamaru adds that he is wrong to think so, as Chōji is actually the strongest. Jirōbō activates the first stage of his cursed seal to overpower Chōji and observes that he has been abandoned by the rest of his team. Determined to prove Jirōbō wrong and to avoid disappointing Shikamaru, Chōji takes the second pill, the yellow Curry Pill (カレー丸, Karēgan), to increase his size to gigantic proportions.

Chapter 190

"Unforgivable!!" (許せない!!, Yurusenai!!)

Jirōbō activates level two of his cursed seal to repel Chōji. Chōji cannot move after taking two of his Three Coloured Pills and thus cannot stop Jirōbō from eating the last of his potato chips. Jirōbō assures him that he shouldn't feel bad since Chōji is fat and will soon be joined by Shikamaru, his "worthless" team leader, in death. Chōji thinks back to his childhood and how all of the kids his age looked down on him for his weight. Only Shikamaru stuck up for him and, in fact, didn't care, knowing Chōji had more important qualities. They have been best friends ever since. Although using the last pill will surely cause his death, Chōji does not hesitate to take the red Chilli Pill (トンガラシ丸, Tongarashigan). Easily restraining Jirōbō, he informs him that he's one-hundred times as powerful as he was before. Chōji tells him that he could ignore being called fat or having food taken from him. What he cannot forgive is Shikamaru being insulted. He punches Jirōbō, decimating the area.

Author's Note

There are so many movie trilogies and series these days, like The Matrix, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, etc. It gladdens me that my favourite film worlds continue to live on.

Masashi Kishimoto, 2004

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