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ウラカク Urakaku
Manga Volume #49, Naruto Chapter #456
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #199
Game Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Impact
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game
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Sex Gender Male Male
  • Part II: 41

Urakaku (ウラカク, Urakaku) is a samurai from the Land of Iron and one of Mifune's right-hand-men alongside Okisuke.


Urakaku can be described as a very solemn and dutiful individual as see from him carrying out his assigned tasks to the letter without hesitation.


He has black hair which he wears in a traditional chonmage style, thick, black eyebrows and similarly coloured eyes. He also has a prominent scar located just above his right eyebrow.

His attire during the Kage Summit consisted of a simple grey kimono-like outfit, with a purple scarf encircling his neck that obscures the lower half of his face and conceals a communicator.


Since Urakaku is a samurai, it can be assumed that he is skilled in kenjutsu. He has great reflexes, seen when he already reached the grip of his sword before Zetsu even finished emerging out of the ground, while the present shinobi did not react at all.[2]

Part II

Five Kage Summit

When the Fourth Raikage requested that the Kage convene, the Land of Iron is selected as the site of the Summit, with Mifune chosen to act as the meeting's mediator. Assigned to the general's personal protection detail, Urakaku, alongside Okisuke, watched over Mifune as he greeted the Kazekage and his delegation upon their arrival.[3]

Zetsu interrupts summit

Urakaku prepares to defend Mifune when White Zetsu appears.

As the assembly commenced their discussions, Urakaku assumed his position to the rear of his leader, where he remained for the entirety of the meeting despite the Raikage's various violent outbursts. However, when the meeting was abruptly concluded due to White Zetsu's intrusion, Urakaku is ordered to inform the other samurai to locate the invading Sasuke Uchiha and make preparations for battle. In response to this instruction, he immediately established contact with one of the senior officers, directing them to mobilise three platoons to the intruder's suspected location.[4] Attempting to ascertain if Danzō Shimura's ability was still in effect, Urakaku requests Ao to provide confirmation on the matter, who affirmed that it was no longer being used.[5] It is from this position that he observed Sasuke's succeeding confrontation with the Kage, before becoming ensnared by one of Zetsu's clones, when the Black Zetsu activated his Spore Technique. Freed from the technique through Kankurō's intervention, Urakaku listened to Tobi's scheme, and upon the Allied Shinobi Forces' formation, he departed.

Creation and Conception

Kishimoto noted that he wanted to make Urakaku the typical, straight-laced character who would give the first impression of having a serious air of gravity. He also noted that there was no seeing his mouth, because it was always concealed.


  • Both Urakaku and his partner Okisuke have a scar on the right side of their face.


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