"Urashiki Returns" (ウラシキ、復活, Urashiki, Fukkatsu) is episode 123 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.


Boruto concedes to Temari he may not have understood Kankurō's resolve or Shinki's, but he can't accept it, and understands he must protect Shukaku. Shinki begins fighting Urashiki's remaining puppet. It manages to hit Shinki with poisoned needles. Shinki feigns a hit from a sword with a clone, while the real Shinki anchors the puppet to the ground with Iron Sand and continues on his way, his arm paralysed. Shukaku teases him slightly that he might have been able to avenge his uncle if Boruto had been there to aid him in the fight. They arrive at a crevice, and Urashiki's puppet catches up to them, but so does Boruto, who lands a hit on it. Temari and Shikadai also arrive, giving Boruto and Shinki an opportunity to retreat. Boruto apologises for dismissing Shinki's feelings, but adds his friends are important as well. Shinki berates Boruto for being emotional, and Shukaku laughs, comparing Boruto to Naruto. Boruto goes back to help Temari and Shikadai, and Shukaku sneaks away from Shinki after Boruto as well. The puppet releases poison gas, but Temari blows it away, throwing the puppet into the crevice. Boruto arrives, and the puppet climbs back up. Shinki berates Shukaku for watching the battle, and Shukaku points out they do have to deal with pursuers. The three go against the puppet, and while Shinki thinks their fighting is inefficient because of their emotions, Shukaku points out they're able to coordinate just fine, and adds that while he did compare Boruto to Naruto, Shukaku considers Boruto smarter and more skilled than Naruto was. Shinki takes Shukaku and continues to move away from the battle. The puppet pressures the shinobi with multiple arms, chakra blasts, and attacking after burrowing itself under the sand. Temari unearths the puppet with her Wind Release, but it's able to dodge her attacks in the air, sending attacks of its own. Temari gets injured protecting Shikadai from an attack. Temari tells them she'll buy them time to leave, but they refuse. Boruto creates clones to form a perimeter and manages to land an explosive kunai on the puppet without detonating it, allowing Shikadai to uses Temari's fan to unearth the puppet again. In dodging Boruto's Rasengan, the puppet is caught by Shikadai's shadow, allowing Boruto to land his Rasengan, which along with the explosive kunai detonation is enough to destroy the puppet. Temari tells Boruto to catch up to Shinki, while she and Shikadai recover and look for Kankurō. Urashiki catches up to Temari and Shikadai, having watched them fight through the puppets, and steals both their chakra. He muses it'll be bad if Shukaku reaches Konoha, but he does want to enjoy himself. Boruto catches up to Shinki and Shukaku, updating them on the puppet's defeat. Urashiki spots them from afar.


Boruto UzumakiYuko Sanpei三瓶 由布子Sanpei Yūko
ShinkiYuto Uemura上村 祐翔Uemura Yūto
ShukakuHiroshi Iwasaki岩崎 ひろしIwasaki Hiroshi
Shikadai NaraKensho Ono小野 賢章Ono Kenshō
Temari NaraRomi Park朴 璐美Paku Romi
Urashiki ŌtsutsukiKazuya Nakai中井 和哉Nakai Kazuya
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