This page is continually being worked on. Don't worry! If there are any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I am currently operating under the assumption that all graduations occur on roughly the same date for ease. The date for graduation is June 11 to July 02, based on Kurenai's birthday and Neji's birthday.

Any plotholes will be italicized and explained with a reference.

New Update: January 1, 2015: With the release of the fourth databook, Jin no Sho, I should be able to complete this timeline in full. Very exciting news for me! I hope to have this done in less than 2 weeks, by January 12 at the latest. Whenever I have free time and am just bumming around on the internet, I will remember this and come work on it.

In addition, I am going through the process of adding references to everything, which is a bit of a daunting task, but should have happened during its creation.

Please keep in mind that the date ranges are all possible dates for the event and therefore are sometimes silly or super large. Use your better judgement when estimating the date of an event, despite the fact that it technically could have occurred in a completely different time of year. It gets fuzzy in between the Invasion of Pain and the 4th World War because there are very few events that allow us to place a solid date, and there are no solid references in the text about how much time is passing. I'm going to try to clean it up a bit by going through and attempting to rationalize the minimum amount of time occurring during that time period.

Bef 984 BK

Bef 784 BK

75 BK

Aug 15: Kakuzu is born

58 BK

Oct 15: Chiyo is born

57 BK

Sep 01: Utatane Koharu is born

56 BK

Jan 06: Rokudaime Hokage Elect Shimura Danzō is born; Ebizō is born
Feb 08: Sandaime Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen is born
May 08: Mitokado Homura is born

48 BK

47 BK

Apr 05: Tazuna is born

39 BK

Apr 02: Former Head Ninja of Kumogakure is born

38 BK

Aug 02: Godaime Hokage Tsunade is born
Oct 27: Orochimaru is born
Nov 11: Jiraiya is born

37 BK

35 BK

Apr 30: Gatō is born

34 BK

Nov 05: Former Land of Wind Daimyō is born

33 BK

Aug 16: Uchiha Fugaku is born

31 BK

Jun 11 to Jul 02:
Tsunade, Orochimaru, Jiraiya graduate
Aug 10: Teuchi is born

30 BK

29 BK

Jan 08:
Hyūga Hiashi is born
Hyūga Hizashi is born
Aug 1: Ao is born
Dec 24: Madam Shijimi born

28 BK

Mar 10: Taiseki is born
Jul 05: Kakkō is born

27 BK

Mar 29: Yondaime Kazekage is born
Jun 01: Mikoto is born (married name Uchiha Mikoto)

26 BK

Sep 07: Aburame Shibi is born

25 BK

Jan 24: Yamanaka Inoichi is born
Apr 22: Akimichi Chōza is born
Jun 18: Mahiru is born
Jul 15: Nara Shikaku is born

23 BK

Feb 24: Yoshino is born (married name Nara Yoshino)
Aug 12: Tsume is born (married name Inuzuka Tsume)

22 BK

21 BK

Apr 06: Waraji is born
May 23: Yashamaru is born
Nov 09 to Jul 23, 20 BK:
Suname is born

20 BK

Nov 09, 21 BK to Jul 23:
Suname is born

19 BK

Aug 28: Namiashi Raidō is born
Oct 19: Suzume is born
Sep 19: Nagato is born
Nov 08: Akasuna no Sasori is born

18 BK

Feb 20: Konan is born
Jul 04: Baki is born
Sep 03: Yamashiro Aoba is born
Nov 15: Rin Nohara is born

17 BK

Feb 10: Uchiha Obito is born
May 04: Tsunami is born
Jul 17: Shiranui Genma is born

16 BK

Mar 08: Ebisu is born
Mar 18: Hoshigaki Kisame is born
Jul 01: Chiriku is born
Dec 01: Zōri is born

15 BK

Mar 20: Morino Ibiki is born
Apr 04: Tobitake Tonbo is born
Jun 11: Yūhi Kurenai is born
Oct 18: Sarutobi Asuma is born
Oct 21: Mizuki is born
Nov 18: Shizune is born

14 BK

File:Young Killer Bee.png
Jan 01: Might Guy is born
Apr 04: Tobitake Tonbo is born
Aug 15: Momochi Zabuza is born
Sep 15: Hatake Kakashi is born
Dec 23 to Nov 08, 13 BK:
Takishi is born

13 BK

Jun 06: Gōzu is born; Meizu is born
Jul 24: Nii Yugito is born
Dec 23, 14 BK to Nov 08:
Takishi is born
Aft Nov 08: Mukade is born

12 BK

Feb 1: Mabui is born
May 16: Matsu is born
Jul 21: Hagane Kotetsu is born
Bef Jul 24: Mukade is born
Aug 11: Nishi is born
Oct 24: Mitarashi Anko is born
Oct 31: Yūra is born
Nov 25: Kamizuki Izumo is born

11 BK

Jan 02: Tatami Iwashi is born
Feb 21: Akadō Yoroi is born
Jun 11 to Jul 02:
Sasori graduates
Nov 02: Gekkō Hayate is born
Nov 30: Tsurugi Misumi is born

10 BK

May 26: Umino Iruka is born
Jun 11 to Jul 02:
Baki and Yashamaru graduate
Aug 10: "Yamato" is born
Aft Nov 08: Tsubusa is born

9 BK

Bef Jul 24: Tsubusa is born
Nov 03: Uzuki Yūgao is born

8 BK

Jun 11 to Jul 02:
Kakashi, Obito, Rin graduate
Sep 15 to Sep 14, 7 BK:[1]
Kakashi is promoted to Chūnin

7 BK

Feb 29: Yakushi Kabuto is born
Jun 11 to Jul 02:
Might Guy graduates
Sep 15, 8 BK to Sep 14:
Kakashi is promoted to Chūnin
Nov 15 to Nov 14 6 BK:
Rin is promoted to Chūnin

6 BK

Feb 10 to Feb 09 5 BK:
Obito is promoted to Chūnin
Feb 11: Shigure is born
Apr 02: Hidan is born
May 07: Midare is born
May 30: Baiu is born
Jun 11[2] to Jul 02:
Kisame, Ebisu, and Kurenai graduate
Nov 15 7 BK to Nov 14:
Rin is promoted to Chūnin

5 BK

Feb 10 6 BK to Feb 09:
Obito is promoted to Chūnin
Feb 14: Ayame is born
Apr 13: Inuzuka Hana is born
May 23 to May 22, 4 BK[3]:
Yashamaru is promoted to Chūnin
Jun 09: Uchiha Itachi is born
Jun 11 to Jul 02:
Shizune, Asuma, and Ibiki graduate
Nov 15: Mubi is born
Nov 16: Kagari is born
Dec 20: Oboro is born

4 BK

File:Obito 3.PNG
Feb 10 to Sep 07, 3 BK:
Same Day:
Kakashi is promoted to Jōnin;
Mahiru is killed by Minato;
Next Day:
Rin is kidnapped by Taiseki
Kakashi loses his left eye
Obito awakens Sharingan
Taiseki is killed by Obito
Obito is crushed
Kakashi gains Sharingan
Kakashi completes Chidori
Kakkō is killed by Kakashi
Next Day:
Kannabi Bridge is destroyed;
After Obito is crushed:
Obito is saved by Madara[4]
After the Destruction of Kannabi Bridge:
End of Third Great Shinobi World War
Namikaze Minato chosen for Yondaime Hokage
May 23, 5 BK to May 22:
Yashamaru is promoted to Chūnin
July 27: Gen'yūmaru is born.

3 BK

Jan 01 to Dec 31: Might Guy is promoted to Chūnin
May 05: Deidara is born
Bef May 23: Yashamaru is promoted to Chūnin
Jun 11 to Jul 02: "Yamato" graduates
Jul 06 to Aug 09: "Yamato" is promoted to Chūnin
Aug 23: Temari is born
Aft Oct 17: Asuma is promoted to Chūnin
Oct 24: Aburame Torune is born

2 BK

Jan 09: Haku is born
Aft Jun 10: Kurenai is promoted to Chūnin
Jun 15: Kimimaro is born
Oct 01: Jūgo is born
Bef Oct 18: Asuma is promoted to Chūnin
Aft Nov 17: Shizune is promoted to Chūnin
Dec 16: Kidōmaru is born

1 BK

Feb 15: Tayuya is born
May 15: Kankurō is born
Bef Jun 11: Kurenai is promoted to Chūnin
Jun 12: Dosu Kinuta is born
Jun 20: Ukon is born; Sakon is born
Jun 26: Jirōbō is born
Jun 11 to Jul 02: Anko graduates[5]
Jul 03: Hyūga Neji is born
Jul 06: Kin Tsuchi is born
Sep 14: Zaku Abumi is born
Bef Nov 18: Shizune is promoted to Chūnin
Nov 25: "Sai" born
Nov 27: Rock Lee is born

0 (Kyūbi Attack)

Released Kyuubi

The Kyūbi attack

Mar 09: Tenten is born
Jun 20: Karin is born
Jul 07: Inuzuka Kiba is born
Jul 23: Uchiha Sasuke is born
Sep 22: Nara Shikamaru is born
Sep 23: Yamanaka Ino is born
Oct 10:
Uzumaki Naruto is born;
Kyūbi no Yoko attacks Konohagakure;
Uzumaki Kushina dies;
Kyūbi is sealed within Naruto;
Minato dies
Oct 24 to Oct 23 1 AK
Anko is promoted to Chūnin
Dec 27: Hyūga Hinata is born

1 AK

Gaara's birth

Karura seeing Gaara for the first and last time

Jan 19:
Gaara is prematurely born;
Karura dies;
Ichibi no Shukaku is sealed within Gaara
Jan 23: Aburame Shino is born
Feb 18: Hōzuki Suigetsu is born
Aft Mar 07: Ebisu is promoted to Chūnin
Mar 28: Haruno Sakura is born
May 01: Akimichi Chōji is born
Jun 11 to Jul 02: Iruka graduates
Oct 24 0 to Oct 23
Anko is promoted to Chūnin

2 AK

Bef Mar 08: Ebisu is promoted to Chūnin
Jun 11 to Jul 02: Hayate and Itachi graduate
Jul 06 to Nov 02: Hayate is promoted to Chūnin

3 AK

Jun 09 to Jun 08, 4 AK:
Itachi masters Sharingan
Dec 27: Peace treaty between Konohagakure and Kumogakure is signed
Dec 28[6] to Jan 07, 4 AK[7]:
Attempted kidnapping of Hinata;
Murder of Former Head Ninja of Kumogakure;
Sacrifice of Hizashi

4 AK

Dec 28, 3 AK to Jan 07:
Attempted kidnapping of Hinata;
Murder of Former Head Ninja of Kumogakure;
Sacrifice of Hizashi
Jun 09, 3 AK to Jun 08:
Itachi masters Sharingan
Dec 30: Sarutobi Konohamaru is born

5 AK

Apr 03: Udon is born
Jun 08: Moegi is born
Jun 09 to Jun 08, 6 AK:[8]
Itachi is promoted to Chūnin
Dec 10 to Dec 09, 6 AK:[9]
Sasuke enters the Academy
Dec 11[10] to Jan 11, 8 AK: Itachi joins ANBU

6 AK

Jun 09, 5 AK to Jun 08:
Itachi is promoted to Chūnin
Jun 11 to Jul 11, 8 AK:[11]
Shisui assigned to keeping an eye on Itachi
Dec 10, 5 AK to Dec 09: Sasuke enters the Academy

7 AK

Jan 19[12] to May 22[13]:
Gaara kills Yashamaru

8 AK

Uchiha Clan Massacre

The Uchiha Massacre

Dec 11, 5 AK to Jan 11[14]:
Itachi joins ANBU
Jun 11, 6 AK to Jul 11:[15]
Shisui assigned to keeping an eye on Itachi
May 31 to Jul 12:[16]
Itachi loses Uchiha Shisui and gains Mangekyō Sharingan
Jun 02 to Jul 14:[17]
Sasuke begins training on Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
Jun 09[18] to Jul 21:
Sasuke masters the Great Fireball Technique
Next Day:[19]
Uchiha Massacre
Orochimaru Caught In The Shackling Stakes

Itachi countering Orochimaru

After the Uchiha Massacre:
Itachi joins Akatsuki;
Kisame joins Akatsuki;
Itachi removes Orochimaru's hand;
Orochimaru defects from Akatsuki

9 AK

Jun 11 to Jul 02: "Sai" and Temari graduate
Jul 07: Akamaru is born
Aft Nov 24: "Sai" is promoted to Chūnin

10 AK

Bef Nov 25: "Sai" is promoted to Chūnin

11 AK

Jun 11 to Jul 02: Kankurō graduates

12 AK

Jun 11 to Jul 02[20]: Tenten, Lee, and Neji graduate
  • Yūra is made senior officer[21]

13 AK

Jun 11 to Jul 02:
Chōji, Hinata, Ino, Kiba, Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, Shikamaru, and Shino graduate
Jun 13 to Aug 05:
Team 7 escorts Tazuna to the Land of Waves
Jun 14 to Aug 06:
Kakashi defeats Meizu and Gozu
Haku saves Zabuza from Kakashi
Jun 15-21 to Aug 07-13:
Team 7 does Tree Climbing Practice (Seven Days)
Jun 22 to Aug 14[22]:
Same Day:
Haku is killed by Kakashi
Gatō is killed by Zabuza
Zabuza is killed by Gatō's workers
Zabuza's Last Moments

Zabuza and Haku's last moments

Sep 14[23] to Sep 25:
International Chūnin Exams commence
Yondaime Kazekage is killed by Orochimaru; Orochimaru impersonates the deceased Kage
Shigure, Midare, and Baiu are killed by Gaara
Orochimaru places Cursed Seal of Heaven on Sasuke and places Five Elements Seal on Naruto
Lee's left limbs crushed by Gaara; a type IV femoral fracture and a severe supracondylar fracture lodge bone fragments in his spinal cord
Sep 20 to Nov 01:
Dosu is killed by Gaara
Hayate is killed by Baki
Kin and Zaku are killed by Orochimaru to be used as sacrifices for Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei
Naruto masters Summoning Technique
Sasuke masters Chidori
Oct 20[24] to Nov 02:
Same Day:
Naruto defeats Neji
Kankurō withdraws
Shikamaru forfeits
Shiba and Midori are killed by Gaara
Operation Destroy Konohagakure begins
Orochimaru resurrects Shodai Hokage Senju Hashirama and Nidaime Hokage Senju Tobirama
Hashirama and Tobirama are sealed into Shinigami
Hiruzen commits a noble suicide to seal Orochimaru's arms into Shinigami
Naruto defeats Gaara
Oct 22[25] to Nov 29:
Itachi and Kisame come to Konohagakure
Sandaime Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi's funeral
Oct 23 to Nov 30:
Same Day:
Itachi And Sasuke

Itachi takes out Sasuke

Itachi hospitalizes Kakashi
Itachi and Kisame find Naruto
Itachi hospitalizes Sasuke
Naruto and Jiraiya leave to find Tsunade
Naruto begins Rasengan training
Oct 27 to Dec 03:
Naruto completes the First Stage of Rasengan training
Oct 30 to Dec 06:
Same Day:
Naruto completes the Second Stage of Rasengan training
Orochimaru finds Tsunade, offers to resurrect Dan and Nawaki for healing his arms
Jiraiya and Naruto find Tsunade, Tsunade bets the First Hokage's Necklace that Naruto won't master the Rasengan in one week's time
Nov 06 to Dec 13:
Same Day:

The Battle of the Sannin

Naruto masters Rasengan
Battle of the Sannin
Tsunade accepts position of Godaime Hokage
Nov 07 to Dec 14:
Tsunade returns to Konohagakure to become the Godaime Hokage
Lee's surgery is a success
Nov 08 to Dec 15[26]:
Same Day:
Sasuke leaves with Sound Four
Jirōbō is killed by Chōji; Chōji left in critical condition
Kidōmaru is killed by Neji; Neji left in critical condition
Nov 09 to Dec 16:
Same Day:
File:Sasuke defeats naruto.png
Tayuya is killed by Temari
Sakon and Ukon are killed by Kankurō
Kimimaro dies of tuberculosis
Orochimaru inhabits the body of Gen'yumaru
Sasuke defeats Naruto
Neji and Chōji return to a stable condition
Sasuke arrives at Orochimaru's Northern Hideout

14 AK

File:Departure (episode).JPG
~Feb 08 to ~Mar 16:[27]
Naruto leaves for training with Jiraiya
Aft May 14: Kankurō is promoted to Chūnin
Aft Jul 06: Kiba is promoted to Chūnin
Aft Aug 22: Temari is promoted to Chūnin
Aft Sep 22: Ino is promoted to Chūnin
Aft Dec 26: Hinata is promoted to Chūnin

15 AK

Aft Jan 22: Shino is promoted to Chūnin
Aft Apr 30: Chōji is promoted to Chūnin
Bef May 15: Kankurō is promoted to Chūnin
Bef Jul 07: Kiba is promoted to Chūnin
Bef Aug 23: Temari is promoted to Chūnin
Bef Sep 23: Ino is promoted to Chūnin
Bef Dec 27: Hinata promoted to Chūnin
  • Akatsuki meets for the first time in seven years[28]

16 AK

Bef Jan 23: Shino is promoted to Chūnin
Bef May 01: Chōji is promoted to Chūnin
Feb 09 to Jul 24:[29]
Same Day:
Tsubusa killed by Yūra
Suname killed by Deidara
Gaara captured by Deidara
May 02-05 to Jul 24-27:
Ichibi no Shukaku sealed within Gedō Mazō (Three Days); Gaara dies
During the Sealing; Same Day:
Mukade killed by Guy
Yūra killed by Naruto
May 05 to Jul 27:
Same Day:
Sasori killed by Chiyo
Chiyo commits a noble suicide to revive Gaara
Tobi joins Akatsuki
May 15 to Aug 06:
Rendezvous with Orochimaru
May 15 to Oct 17:
Yugito captured by Hidan and Kakuzu
Chiriku killed by Hidan and Kakuzu
Sanbi no Kyodaigame captured by Tobi and Deidara
Jul 25 to Oct 19:
Asuma killed by Hidan
Jul 25-30 to Oct 19-24:
Sanbi no Kyodaigame and Nibi no Bakeneko sealed within Gedō Mazō (Six Days); Yugito dies
Jul 30 to Oct 24:
Hidan incapacitated by Shikamaru
Kakuzu killed by Kakashi, Hidan, and Naruto
Nov 04 to Dec 22:
Sasuke absorbs Orochimaru
Takishi dies
Formation of Hebi
Rōshi captured by Kisame
Nov 05-10 to Dec 23-28, 17 AK:
Yonbi no Saru sealed within Gedō Mazō (At Least 6 Days)
Nov 10 to Dec 28:
Deidara commits a vain suicide in a failed attempt to kill Sasuke; Manda dies
Nov 11[30] to Dec 29:
Same Day:
Jiraiya is killed by Pain
Itachi dies of disease
Nov 12 to Dec 30:
Hebi changes to Taka; Taka allies with Akatsuki
Nov 14 to Jan 01, 17 AK:
Failed capturing of Hachibi no Kyogyū
Nov 15 to Jan 02, 17 AK:
Same Day:
Naruto masters Senjutsu
Invasion of Pain
Nagato commits a noble suicide to revive those whom he recently killed
Tsunade falls into coma; Danzō named Sixth Hokage Elect while Tsunade remains in coma
Konan defects from Akatsuki

17 AK

File:Kisame Suicide.jpg
Nov 18, 16 AK to Oct 2:
Failed capturing of Hachibi no Kyogyū
Nov 19, 16 AK to Oct 3:
Same Day:
Naruto masters Senjutsu
Invasion of Pain
Nagato commits a noble suicide to revive those whom he recently killed
Tsunade falls into coma; Danzō named Sixth Hokage Elect while Tsunade remains in coma
Konan defects from Akatsuki
Jan 06 to Oct 4:[31]
Same Day:
Gokage Summit
Declaration of the Fourth Great Shinobi World War by Akatsuki on the Five Great Shinobi Countries and the Land of Iron; Creation of the Allied Shinobi Forces
Danzō is killed by Sasuke
Karin is captured by Konohagakure (POW)
Jan 07 to Oct 5:
Tsunade wakes up from coma
Kabuto allies with Tobi
Naruto undoes the seal on the Kyūbi, has Gerotora stored inside of him
Mar 18 to Oct 6:[32]
Kabuto resurrects the known previous Jinchūriki, several past Kage, the deceased members of Akatsuki, and numerous famous shinobi through Edo Tensei.
Killer B and Naruto confined to Island Turtle
Naruto applies the Torii Seal to the Kyūbi.
Kisame commits a noble suicide to secure plans of the enemy for Akatsuki
Mar 19 to Oct 7:
Konan killed by Tobi; Tobi gains the Rinnegan
"Yamato" captured (POW)
Oct 8:
Muta Aburame killed
Shin released; Sasori released; Deidara captured (POW)
Zabuza, Haku sealed
Atsui, Samui, Ginkaku sealed into the Bashōsen
Kinkaku sealed into Kohaku no Jōhei
Hanzō sealed
Asuma sealed
Dan released
Hizashi sealed
That Night:
Naruto and Killer B escape from their confinement
Tobi steals the sealed Kinkaku and Ginkaku in order to harvest Kyūbi chakra
Members of the White Zetsu Army carry out numerous assassinations using Substitute Technique with members of the Allied Shinobi Forces
Oct 9:
Naruto and B defeat 24 White Zetsu Clones
Naruto and B defeat Toroi; Toroi sealed
Gaara and Ōnoki engage Mu, the Second Mizukage, the Third Raikage, and the Fourth Kazekage
Fourth Kazekage sealed
Nagato and Itachi engage Naruto and B
Itachi's crow casts "Protect Konoha" on Itachi through Kotoamatsukami
Nagato sealed within the Sword of Totsuka
Itachi's crow incinerated by Amaterasu
Half of The Second Tsuchikage sealed by Gaara
Sasuke's Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan develops, Sasuke leaves Mountains' Graveyard
The Third Raikage sealed
The Second Mizukage sealed by Gaara
Madara, reincarnated by Kabuto through Edo Tensei, is summoned by half of
That Night:
Itachi traps Kabuto in Izanami, and forces him to undo the Edo Tensei; All Edo Tensei but Madara are released
Sasuke revives Orochimaru from Anko's Cursed Seal
Kyūbi Chakra sealed in Gedō Mazō, the Jūbi is revived
Entire Allied Forces arrive to fight Obito, Madara, and the Jūbi
Nara Shikaku, Yamanaka Inoichi, Ao, Kussaku, and Mabui killed by the Jūbi
Oct 10:[33]
Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen, and are released from Edo Tensei, Madara dies, the remaining Kage's spirits are released by Hagoromo.
The Jinchūriki are freed. 8 Tails goes back to B
Naruto and Sasuke fight at the Valley of the End
Oct 11:
Sasuke forfeits against Naruto
Everyone is freed from the Infinite Tsukuyomi
Atsui and Samui are freed from the Bashōsen
Sasuke leaves the Leaf Village to see the world

18 AK

  • Akatsuki's deadline, as stated by Deidara. It is unknown why this deadline was set[34]


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