Ok, I'll make this simple and short! I love Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, I love drawing and I'm good at it! I make my own Naruto comics and I plan on making a lot more creations revolving Naruto. I have various Naruto games and mastered them! So.... yeah, that's all I can think of to say for now! I might add more if stuff comes to mind! Well, thanks for reading! Go here for more information about me and my current activities!

My Creations

While on this site I have made more than half of my contribution to jutsu and their names. I try to get the English TV jutsu EXACTLY right! I also add english names for jutsu that haven't been shown yet, but is a possible name. I know its not permitted, but I like to share my ideas! Here are some of the Jutsu I've made names for (Some people say I have a knack for naming jutsu, I guess I'm only as good as my next jutsu name!) You may have seen Some of these before on pages I might have edited:

Pages Created

Pages Re-Done

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