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  • I live in Calcutta
  • I was born on March 10
  • I am male

About me

Heyo! This is Aditya, from Kolkata, India....I created an userpage months ago, but it was deleted :( cuz I requested it to be done so :P (Some editors were offended by my userpage so I had to get it deleted -_-). Anyways, I promise that this userpage won't offend any editor. PROMISE!

Stuff related to Naruto and my Wikia experience

  • My Wikia Status? — I made my first official wikia edit on July 7, 2011 which was on Narutopedia, of course....and I've made 2,000+ edits since then ~_~ I often visit other wikia like Bleach Wiki, FMA wiki and others...but I don't actually contribute much there...
  • How I started watching Naruto? — I started watchin' Naruto when I was 8 years old during the first time when it was first aired on Cartoon Network India (2005 or 2006 I guess) and gradually began liking it....But dunno why Carton Network ceased the show here in India after 70-80 episodes... Well, after few months I forgot about Naruto and moved on >
  • How I resumed watching Naruto? — I got my PC and my internet connection in 2010..When I was surfing the facebook, I got an update that an anonymous friend likes Sasuke Uchiha ... Well, that's how I remember about Naruto and I thought of downloadin' the episodes form torrentZ - that's exactly what I did xD.
  • My favourite Anime? — My favourite anime is, none other than, CODE GEASS.... This is an epic anime, and I recommend all of you to watch that anime.... So full of emotions and twist and turns in the plot *_*
  • My favourite Character? — My most most most favourite character is Itachi Uchiha — why? — cuz he'z simply awesome A_A ... Besides, I like L from Death Note and Lelouch vi Britannia and Shirley [my first anime crush! ;)] - from Code Geass.... They are equally awesome too....
  • My most hated Character? — My most most most hated characters are Sakura Haruno and Hinata Hyūga — why? — cuz both of them really suck.....dunno why e_e
  • My Narutopedia Experience — Well...what to say.....I'm an all purpose contributor here..... I upload 720p images from the latest episode as quickly as possible and make sure that they are used..... I also like to upload images from the latest chapter as soon as they are released on Mangareader or any other manga hosting site.... I also like to re-upload those images which - are of poor quality, contain black bars, need to be cropped....Some people here don't like my habit, to THEM — "Well, Sorry if I offend you in anyway, I just want to make the image look better (well, I'm not against 1080p but I just don't like when 720p images are replaced by 1080p only because of resolution and quality). Well, I'm not here to take credits for your uploads but you should know somewhere in you mind that you are the real uploader of the image and that is enough I guess!" Well, I also like to create article of the recent chapter, episode and technique; and fill up the Synopsis of recent episodes and sometime even recent chapter! I also check some of the grammatical mistakes being made here... I've also got myself into quite deadly conflicts which I would like to avoid, but I can't really stop them from happening so, can I?
    • As a fellow contributor, I should make you aware of the local policies we have over here >>>
  1. Image policy for uploading images. Use Special:Upload to upload your images and never ever forget to add a legitimate license.
  2. Talkpage policy. Please please remember to sign your posts using four tilde (~~~~) or the icon up top that looks like this.
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