aka DaRinor

  • I live in Italy
  • I was born on January 8
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

Well then, people. It's been some time since I started writing on this Wikia, so I might as well start writing on my user page, right?

On the net, I'm mostly known as Aldarinor. I am a great fan of manga and anime, and I also love wikis. There's something really interesting, really captivating abouth them... It might be the way they analize characters (my favourite pages, in fact), summing up all of their distinctive traits in well-defined sections... They seem to understand characters' essences. But I'd better stop, or I might be getting too boring or inappropriate for a Wiki.

I first wrote on a manga/anime-related wiki on One Piece Wikia. I started reading Naruto some time ago, advised by a friend of mine, and I found it great, so eventually I typed the world "Naruto wiki" on Google... and found this awesome site. And yet again, in the end I HAD to start editing.

So this is how everything started. I know that I might sometimes make mistakes, but I also know that, with some care, I can be a valuable editor, something that I hope fellow writers will recognise. I'd like to do my best to make this already awesome wiki even better, and maybe to make some friends even there!

And, yes, I know that this introduction might not be the best :P I'll work on this as well =)

My Favourite Characters

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