Hi! I'm ampm123! I finally made it to 100 edits, so I'm going to make my userpage now. Soooo, yeah!

Ok, so I frequently edit the Tenten page, and the things that have to do with her. I'm also on the Mirror's Edge wiki.

I've started two pages on this wiki since I've had my account... 1. Kagura Barrier 2. Bell -I also started two pages as a wiki contributer. (Wind Flower Kick and Severe Stinging Slap) People usually don't edit those 4 pages, but when they do, I'm all over it..

Top 5 Characters... 1. Tenten 2. Karin 3. Deidara 4. Hidan 5. Shino Aburame

So, that's about it. I think I followed the userpage policy, but if I didn't, oh well... But yeah, the only people who will probably read this is the people considering it for deletion... How sad. But, I'm glad to be a part of this wiki. -Ampm123

Oh, and by the by, if you're ever on Xbox Live and you're getting killed by a Temari(main) Sakura(Balance) and Tenten(Balance) team, then you're probably fighting me. :)