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Enter: Naruto Uzumaki!


At the very start a Narrator told about the Nine Tailed Demon Fox, which had to be fought by many shinobi, until the fourth Hokage could seal it away, loosing his life in the process. A time skip of many years later, we saw how Naruto painted the Hokage Monument, and got caught by Iruka Umino his teacher at the Ninja Academy short after. Back in class all had to participate in a review of their Transformation Technique. Naruto did not transform in Iruka like demanded, and used his Sexy Technique instead. The scene changed again and we saw Naruto cleaning the statues of the kage with Iruka watching over him. Naruto used harsh words about himself having time, there would be nobody waiting for him, so he would not need to be watched. Iruka then proposed eating ramen at his cost in the evening. When asked why vandalizing on the Hokage Monument, while knowing the Hokage were all great, Naruto answered he would become Hokage too and all people would recognize his powers. Then Naruto asked if he could become the forehead protector, but Iruka refused and explained it would be proof for graduating at the academy. The next day was the day of the graduation exams and the Clone Technique, Naruto's worst jutsu was to be tested. Naruto failed to produce a proper clone and therefore could not graduate. In the next scene Naruto was seen alone on a swing. The parents seen and heard were either proud on their own children or relieved that Naruto did not graduate. Mizuki the second examiner at the academy showed up near Naruto and spent some time with Naruto, ultimately offering him to tell a secret how he possibly could graduate. In the mean while the third Hokage wanted to talk to Iruka. Later in the night Mizuki woke up Iruka, telling him Naruto had stolen the Scroll of Seals. As the third Hokage received the news he sent the Shinobi out to search for Naruto. Iruka was the first to arrive at Naruto. Naruto told him he would show him a technique from the scroll, and therefore he would be able to graduate as Mizuki told him. Iruka recognizing the trap of Mizuki fought against Mizuki, who arrived short after. Mizuki tried then to make Naruto believe, that Iruka did not care about him, and Naruto at first is not able to distinct truth and falsehood. It was back then Naruto received first word of him being a Jinchūriki. Naruto endangered of his live and not sure what to believe fled. Mizuki later headed after Naruto. But with Iruka taking the appearance of Naruto, he got tricked. Naruto heard them both, while hiding near. Mizuki said Naruto, as a beast would use the scroll. Iruka agreed, the beast would do so, but disagreed that Naruto, the hard working student would do so. He would be Naruto Uzumaki of Konohagakure. Relieved Naruto appeared and protected Iruka. After Naruto won the fight using Shadow Clone Technique, he received the Forehead Protector.

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