Here a little info on me I am great fan of Naruto and had been part of many Naruto sites since my begining of intrest in the Series.Also I have viewing Naruto for quite some time since 2002 so i have read it from the beginning of the series to what is now.(I have viewed the second part as well lol)

I have many favorites of series as my favorite character is Kakashi and Sasuke bro Itachi and somewhat Sakura(but hate her whiny attitude and a pacifist). I do other things of the series as such Naruto and Gaara loniness and Sasuke and Itachi Revenge story (sidenote:these are my favorite part of story)

I bielieve this site should be more open feeling to newcomers of series and also i dont like people who just saw the Dub and say "it's a cartoon" which in term means it made america and which it orgins come from Japan and it creater Kishi-sama(lol) has created(jk about -sama) -uwknown man of the west of Dawn-

---side note---

I bielieve if this site were to be big shoud be thanks to our special contributars lol

Other info

In any personal info my favorite sport is Track and Soccer lol(athough barely playing it because of weather) lol and likes to watch Football and Baseball

likes rock and metal(kind of)and im Asian/Pacific Islander lol

Also i like many Asian things as for the many cultures of it Like Japan and China and also South East Asia(mainly Philippines). Also want to go to Gaum and Hawai

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