Hello, fellow users! I am Dayshwon1998, or "Day" for short. Any comments, concerns, suggestions, or issues regarding what I do here should be directed to my talkpage. I appreciate all input and I will respect the thoughts and opinions of other users.


After surfing through many of the articles, most of my edits here will simply be corrections of syntax and grammar to assist with our site's sense of professionalism. In terms of general information (especially those provided in translations and infoboxes), the English anime is possibly the most overlooked form of official media covered in the site. Luckily for me it is the most readily available form of media. Most new information that I add will be linked to the English anime in some way (such as names of characters/jutsu, English voice actors, and translations of other terms used in the English anime). I look forward to contributing to this site's goal of becoming a prime source of useful information.

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