• I live in On a Magical Tortilla
  • I was born on September 16
  • My occupation is College Student (majoring in Cyber Security, minoring in Computer Science)/Fanfiction Writer
  • I am Female
Derpyrebound aka The Random Aspie
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A Feather brain yet smart girl from the USA

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Golden brown


Chocolate Brown

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Anyone who helps me and doesn't bully me

Chronological and Political Information

Game maker, Artist (I am way better than Sokka (If you know who he is :P)), a Fanfiction Writer, and High School Student

Hello welcome to my profile! I may pop up sometimes but I am mostly hanging out on the site called FanFiction ( there: I read lots of fan fictions. Most are very funny, while others whisk me away into a daydream (it's how I start picturing what's going on and start feeling apart of the story). Some are very crude and barely have 1,000+ words. And I don't like one-shots cause they suck and don't have enough detail to whisk me away.

I tend to be very naive and sometimes immature (I bet some of you are). I a sense of humor that goes with my personality which is:

  • Naive
  • Stubborn
  • Hot headed
  • Caring
  • Laid back
  • Fun loving
  • Curious

Yea so I can be easy to anger. If you get on my good side we might become friends. If you get on my bad side, well, Try picturing damage a tornado does. Anger me and things won't go well.

My fan fictions (I got several usernames for different sites, I am just lucky to remember them all):


{Sarcastically} Yea ya told me that before, now shut up!

{Me ranting over The Last Airbender movie}Are you kidding me? I am not watching that trash you call a movie! The cartoon is better cause it has the gags I love.

Shut up before I give you an Atomic Nuggie! (Which is me hitting my fist on top of someone's head)

Give me it...

I've seen better.

Oh no. You didn't!


Will ya shut up so I can get on with my day?

You know I can smell a storm coming a few days before it comes!

Let's cross our fingers...

I can swim to the bottom of a 10 foot pool and come back up. {Me bragging about what I can truly do}

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