OK,so I'm supposed to tell you some things about myself. Since I'm a little shy I'll just use the sort of intro thing that they do for new squads.


My name is Evilpuppy, it says so on the profile box


1. Very stubborn 2. A tad short tempered 3. I tease sometimes 4. Nerd 5. I'm not afraid to speek my mind, but I don't like being rude so just tell me if I'm out of line please. 6. I'm a bit of a pervert but I'm not a Jiraiya or a Miroku (Inuyasha reference) not even close


1. Books 2. Anime (oddly enough not Manga though, I've only ever read two Manga series and ones a Naruto fanfiction on Deivantart) 3. Comedy shows (but not the stuff where someone gets embarrassed and thats funny) 4. Bugging my sister 5. Star Trek (hello Nerd) not TOS or NextGen though. 6. asdf (YouTube) 7. Calvin and Hobbs/FoxTrot


1. Extreme perverts (I never liked the episodes with Naruto's Sexy Jutsu) 2. Stupid people (meaning anyone who is pretending climate change is fake) 3. Doctor Who (I know weird huh) 4. Anime's that go way overbord on the blood or half naked women 5. Bullies 6. Rude people


1. Skiing 2. Karate 3. Capoeira 4. Swimming 5. Writing 6. Rowing

Future Dream

To become a doctor

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