Err, hi guys! I'm formerly the anonymous that started with the 140 IP. Procrastination and OCD pushed me here, so I might as well be the janitor who cleans up and makes everything more concise. Maybe add some missing citations, small missed things, or remove extrapolations and bias. Not really for the epics that the big bosses do, like updating the page with the recent manga, though I do keep up with it weekly.

I've edited wiki here and there, but extremely minor edits, and never had an account. So I'm not familiar with the conventions at all, and it'd be great if you guys point out what I'm doing right or wrong.

Obviously a Naruto fan, but will only poke my nose into the Itachi page, because I only care enough about him. However, I am well educated about everything else in the Naruto world, even that extremely minor character named Ami, because I am masochistic enough to read the manga and sit through the torturous anime + movies. My databooks are Japanese edition.

Obviously an Itachi fan, or else I wouldn't be here. But I detest OOC. I find "he's awesome, super caring flawless perfect, popular with the most girls, and like can SO beat up your daddy" about as degrading and insulting as "he stinks," because he must obviously stink if you cannot even accept the character for who he really is. Finally, speculations, interpretations, extrapolations (correlation does not mean causation) in this wiki usually turn into acceptance as canon, so I guess I'm sick of debating with forums who always redirect me back to this page whenever I challenge their un-evidenced claim.

Overall, I only came to help. If I get something wrong factually, I definitely won't be offended, but will thank you for correcting my misconception and gladly fix it. If I disagree, I hope we can explain to each other our actions with evidence and sources. Finally, I am massively grateful for the entire Naruto wikia team and its members, because they are quick, efficient, active, and people like me, who do heavily rely on their contributions, can't live without them.

--- Formerly 140

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