Umm... Hi... I'm Freewolf17. I recently graduated high school and am going to community college come September. I have brown eyes and dishwater blond hair. I'm 5' 2" but pack a punch. In high school I literally had half the football team afraid of me after self-defense in gym class. One of the players was the 'Red Man' (basically just a guy padded up in red, cushy armor that we got to practice on). A few days after I had a go at him I noticed the football team giving me weary looks. ^^; Well, that pretty much blew my chances of dating one of them but who cares! Not really into jocks anyway.

  • My favorite saying is: "Laugh at yourself before others start laughing, this way they can only laugh with you"
  • I love Italian food, primarily stuffed shells.
  • I am honestly trying to learn Japanese, not because I am a weaboo. I research the culture a bit and yes, I do use Japanese words mixed with English because I am trying PRACTICE WHAT I DO FREAKING KNOW SO I DO NOT FORGET IT! Not to show off that I know a few Japanese words and my world revolves around things other than anime and manga, thank you very much. Using Japanese words mixed with English doesn't automatically equate to a weaboo. There are people out there who are honestly wishing to learn another language. You see it with foreigners in any country all the time. Oh, and for the record, the first Japanese word I learned when I first began trying to learn Japanese was 'Kuraikako' meaning 'Shadowy Past'. Not freaking 'Kawaii desu' or any other half bit Japanese word that are in any anime/manga fan's vocabulary.
  • My first anime was Card Captor Sakura, not Naruto or Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon was my second when I was a child).
  • My first piece of anime/manga merchandise was Card Captor Sakura Doll given to me by my aunt.

My biggest obsession with the series Naruto other than the series itself come down to two things

  • Figuring out what freaking animals the ANBU masks represent when they do not tell you!!
  • And trying to establish a time line! It's not easy to do but I'm doing my best.

If I post some pictures inaccurately with how they are supposed to be I am sorry I am still trying to figure this stuff out! Don't flag it, just tell me what the heck I did wrong and help me correct it. Also, if I post a picture incorrectly on my own dang page don't be an jerk about it, it is my page.

Fun Fact! Anime episode 3 at 2 minutes 11 seconds in (give or take a few seconds) gives us the starting date of the series!! It is in October and the day of Shinobi orientation for Naruto was on Tuesday, October 15th! If you would look at a calendar for our world (reality that is) for 2013 and look at October you would see that it aligns with ours! Go figure! Well, there was a slight error in the anime picture, they gave October only 30 days rather than 31 but I'll just chalk that one up as an animation error, they happen all the time.

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